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CROOKED COPS? COVER-UPS? Who ELSE Has the True Information about Mr. Reppucci’s Termination? If Foote says it was Criminal and Phillips says it was Internal – Who is right and who is wrong? >>> New Links For Documents >>>>>>

Reppucci, as anyone would, Has a Right to His Career, His Integrity, His Livelihood, to Respect and His Good Name Untarnished by those that can't keep their stories straight. That is what is at stake for him. That is what he is fighting for.

There are others out there, besides Foote and Reppucci who know the investigation was criminal, such as Macie. 

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Why is Phillips and his police department being protected by so many?
This was a Comment posted recently and we decided that since this was so chocked full of relevant information we would post it on it’s own so that it doesn’t get lost and not read by those interested.

It raises legitimate questions and establishes legitimate points of concern about what Gary Phillips real intentions were and still are.

The BOS need to take a long, hard look at the WPD and the personnel managing it.

You can see the documents being referred to at the previous blogs. Double click on the documents, they will open in a new window and you will be able to view them full size to read them. 

Casual Blog Reader said...

Part I  
I don’t know if I am the only one who has picked up on this but I figured I’d throw it out there. According to the letter by Foote he wrote,

“The investigation in question is a criminal investigation. It is not an internal investigation.”

The meaning is very clear.

Foote then quotes the following paragraph in the same letter and he says it’s directly from the investigative report that Macie wrote,

“Sheriff Foote was very clear in his directive to me. He stated that the Sheriff’s Office was only interested in investigating the matter of the chain of custody of the so called grievance letter. We were not going to investigate …any other internal personnel matters.”

What Macie writes in his report shows he was clearly directed by Foote to conduct a criminal investigation AND that he clearly understood that “we – meaning the Sheriff’s Office” were not going to investigate any internal personnel matters.

That reference in his report shows his (Macie’s) understanding that he was not there to conduct any internal investigation.

Looking at the previous blog you can see that all the information being referred to is from the same report in that blog and the same investigation Foote is referring to in his letter – Note the Investigation #’s 09-63-OF.

If Macie knew he was “Directed” by Foote to conduct a Criminal Investigation and we know from Foote’s letter the investigation in question was started as a criminal investigation and ended as a criminal investigation, how is it that Macie is involved with Phillips and they are both saying the investigation was internal?

How did the Court get that information?

What about this “other” non-existent investigation? If Foote didn’t give a directive to Macie, who did?

So was Macie working on his own?

Was Macie working with any of the other members of the Sheriff’s Office?

Maybe Macie was working with Foote?
What about Croteau and Phillips?
Was Maice working with Croteau?
Was Macie working with Phillips?
Was Phillips working with the Sheriff’s Office?
Were Foote and Phillips working together?

You can see the tightly woven ball of a mess. Somebody has to know something. Or more likely quite a few know something. And more than likely quite a few are hiding what they know.

So what could really going on here? Something just doesn’t make sense with all of this, but it smells pretty bad.

How is it an investigation that supposedly never took place apparently made it’s way to Superior Court and was presented to the court as having taken place?

This internal investigation is so real a judge made a ruling based on it, yet it doesn't exist because the highest ranking Police Official in Cheshire County, Sheriff Foote said and this is a direct quote from his letter, “In 2009 the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office was not requested to nor did it conduct any internal investigation on you or any member of the Winchester Police Department.”

He says with absolute specificity, there was NO Internal Investigation that came from his Agency that involved the Winchester Police Department in 2009.

September 11, 2010 9:26 PM

Casual Blog Reader - Part II said...

Part II

Dan Reppucci was fired from the Winchester Police Department in August of 2009 for Insubordination when he Failed to answer questions in an Internal Investigation, conducted by Deputy Macie of the Sheriff’s Office, according to Phillips, Macie, the Town and others.

In his appeal of that Town decision to the Superior Court of Cheshire County, the Judge found and ruled the following based on the information presented to the court:

“First, Mr. Reppucci failed to follow Chief Phillips order to answer Deputy Macie’s questions during the internal investigation.”

Say What? – Yes that is correct and a direct quote from Judge Arnold’s ruling.

But Foote said that their was NO internal investigation the Sheriff’s Office or Deputy Macie were involved with in 2009, didn’t he?

The Judge goes on to say, “Although Mr. Reppucci contends that it was erroneous for the Board to terminate him for this reason, the Court disagrees. First, due process does not require that a police officer be provided the opportunity to consult with an attorney before answering questions regarding an internal investigation.”

Bingo. Precisely correct, Judge Arnold. However, when the investigation is criminal and the US and NH Constitutions protect any citizens right to counsel during any criminal investigation, conducted by any police agency, regardless of and notwithstanding of their profession, including a Police Officer.

A problem here? Who’s lying here?

Was Perjury – a criminal and prosecutable offense committed by some members of the Cheshire County Law Enforcement community while knowingly testifying to or presenting false written statements to a court or in the course of Official Proceedings, while under sworn oath to tell the truth and all the facts?

RSA 641:1 Perjury.

Is there a civil conspiracy going on here?

False imprisonment?
Intentional infliction of emotional distress?
Vicarious liability?
And more?

I can see these very words as part of a lawsuit down the road.

I’m sure there is a law firm out there who would take a case like this on, on a contingency basis.

None of this is speculation but facts based on information presented here that when analyzed raise these legitimate questions about our area law enforcement.

Does anyone really believe that Cops have a right to break the law, just because they are cops?

Does anyone really believe that Cops have a right to break the law, any law?

Does anyone really believe that Cops shouldn’t be held to a higher standard and not a lower standard when it comes to following the law?

Does anyone really believe that if it is found that crimes have been committed they should go unpunished?

It’s been well documented that Reppucci has said he was targeted by Phillips and Roberts.

Is this what happened?

Was some sort of fake investigation used by Phillips to meet out the discipline that resulted in, an too real termination of an otherwise law abiding police officer?

Let’s not forget that the other blog, the Winchester Informer, has information that the AG’s office has already found that Phillips and Roberts and Platz ALL Conspired together to present false information to a bank so that, none other than Reppucci and Breau were removed from a bank account, Illegally and fraudulently, so we know they are capable of conspiring together to get what they want, even if it does break the law.

This Town and this County appear to have some real serious issues involving quite a few members of their respective police departments. It sure looks like there are enough people, with enough information and gumption and determination to make sure the truth gets to the public.

September 11, 2010 9:29 PM


Empower the People said...

All too common - Violation of Constitutional Rights and Cover-up after the fact – Good work on exposing.........Good luck and peace come to your little part of the world.........

Donna said...

Hello Blog Readers, My name is Donna. I worked for the County of Cheshire, in the Finance Department. I was the Accountant for almost 11 years. I chose to leave that position several months ago when I relocated.

While working at the County is was at times difficult to have to work with people and departments that I believe helped play a significant role, whether intentionally or not, by not taking seriously allegations being made of targeting against Dan Reppucci and other Officers of the WPD.

I have first hand information and knowledge and have had conversations directly with Mr. Phillips, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Jette and several others.

For more than a year I have sat by and watched too many good people get hurt for but what can only be explained as bad cops doing bad things to honest and good people.

The time has come to stop the continued lies, mistruths and hold those responsible accountable to their actions.

Mr. Phillips came to our home on the evening of June 17, 2009 and stayed for the next 2 – 2 ½ hrs.

During that time, Mr. Phillips never asked to speak with Dan privately, never asked me to excuse myself, and never suggested that he and Dan leave the house to discuss anything in private.

Instead, Mr. Phillips spoke openly with Dan and in my presence and the following are topics that were discussed in front of me and with me that evening.

Dan not getting promoted to Lieutenant
The “agony” the board endured while making their decision
Dan informing Mr. Phillips he will submit a written request asking be to relieved of the
duties and responsibilities of the Lieutenants position
Mr. Phillip’s illogical argument about why he shouldn’t do that
Dan’s logical explanation of why he should
Mr. Phillips telling Dan it was no big deal that he didn’t get the position and in a couple of years he would have it anyway
Dan explaining to Mr. Phillips it probably wouldn’t happen that way
Dan explaining that he couldn’t work under the new Lieutenant Mr. Roberts because he had no integrity, couldn’t be trusted and was targeting officers
Mr. Phillips agreeing with Dan and stating he too doesn’t trust Mr. Roberts and his explanations of why
Mr. Phillips discussing with Dan how Mr. Roberts answered a particular question at the oral board that made even him question his trust, integrity and capability
Mr. Phillips stating that even while answering the question, Mr. Roberts exposed he would violate department policies to complete an assignment he had no authority to initiate to begin with.
An internal investigation that involved Mr. Roberts was brought up and Mr. Phillips and Dan had discussion about that
That internal investigation was requested by Mr. Roberts when he made a complaint against himself for conduct unbecoming an officer
That internal investigation had been given to Dan to investigate and was ongoing at the time of the Oral Board.
The investigation had something to do with Warren Breau and Mr. Roberts going after him.
Discussion of the schedule and how the schedule since Mr. Roberts took it over, was being manipulated and used against certain Fulltime and Part-time members of the Winchester Police Department
Discussion about how Mr. Roberts is known to have used the same tactics in Hinsdale when put in charge of the schedule
Mr. Phillips request for an analysis of the schedule for the past 6 or 7 months so that he could speak to Mr. Roberts.

Those are just a few of the topics of conversations I heard, was involved with or otherwise participated in.

I will be detailing each conversation individually as time permits.

I defy Mr. Phillips to say that these and other conversations did not take place and in my presence and I defy Mr. Phillips to even suggest that I have no integrity and would stoop to lying.

I am fully prepared to testify under oath in a Court of Law or at any other Administration Hearing to what I have 1st hand knowledge of in regards to Mr. Phillips and the WPD.

Anonymous said...

The Chief is crooked and must be either stupid or a liar - Garrity warnings do not apply in criminal investigations for anyone, at anytime, ever............

Sorry but if he tried to do that he's the one who broke the law......

and he's another embarrassment to the law enforcement.

In court, when the judge and jury gets their hand on the truth he loses Reppucci wins.

What a corrupt little town.

Donna said...

I am very confident that it is Mr. Philips, who deemed Mr. Reppucci’s letter to be about “Not Getting Promoted to Lt.” and not Mr. Reppucci, the author who did so.

I am very confident that the letter Mr. Reppucci gave to his supervisor, Mr. Phillips, recaps in part or whole, “only” those conversations that took place between the two of them and with me, a member of the public, in my presence.

I didn’t work for the Town of Winchester so I have no confidentiality clause I need to deal with.

I will share l what I heard and witnessed to come straight from Mr. Phillips mouth.

I am confident that when this letter is finally allowed to be publicized, people will be shocked to find it contains NO confidential information, nothing about any disciplines or any other nonsense that Mr. Phillips has accused Mr. Reppucci of doing.

I am Confident there is NO such Violation or Breach of Confidentiality between Mr. Reppucci and any OTHER Members of the WPD.

As to emails being stolen – Nope. Again.

To date their have been no secret phone calls, messages or knocks on the door in the middle of night, requesting any secret information about WPD Officers or request for and stolen personnel or discipline records from the WPD.

I guess with all that Wikileaks stuff and the economy being down there hasn’t been enough money offered to turn over these highly classified documents.

The only people I can only figure, would be interested in this, or want knowledge of these highly classified documents would be maybe the Hinsdale or Swanzey police, so they can protect their own Towns and officers.

Donna said...

As Paul Harvey, a well known radio talk show host for those who don’t know who he is, would say and Now for the rest of the story.

First elaboration:

Dan not getting promoted to Lieutenant

On June 17, 2009, at approximately 9 pm, there was an unexpected knock at the door. It was Mr. Phillips who came to OUR home unannounced and unexpected and it is his behavior that is suspect for doing so.

Dan answered the door. The very first words from, Mr. Phillips’ mouth as he greeted Dan were “I have good news, you didn’t get the promotion, but we got a new cruiser”, he proudly announced as he walked through the door.

Mr. Phillips’ flippant greeting and I’m being very generous, was among other things uncalled for, inappropriate, mean spirited and I believe done out of malice and for a reasons only known to him.

The comment showed a lack of leadership and managerial skills and is a testament to the way Mr. Phillips treats Officers in his department, which was with callous disregard for their contributions to him and his department.

Dan had taken on the additional responsibilities of LT., while still performing the job responsibilities of Sergeant and Detective because Mr. Phillips ASKED him to. He did that for almost a year and half AND with NO compensation.

At NO time did Mr. Phillips acknowledge or even thank Dan, again showing a lack of leadership and managerial skills. Instead, he showed his mindset, his mentality of people being disposable to him. Not a good quality for a cop let alone a Chief of Police.

Dan took on the responsibilities requested by Mr. Phillips, for 2 reasons and 2 reasons only – he was asked to do so AND he was told by Mr. Phillips that his intention was to promote him to the position of LT. as soon as the dust settles.

Otherwise, he would have declined to take on the added responsibilities or he would have asked that Mr. Phillips fairly compensate him for the additional temporary responsibilities until such a time as a permanent replacement for Theresa Sepe was found.

That would have been neither, unreasonable nor unfair on Dan’s part.

Instead, Mr. Phillips, told Dan he was going to promote him, instead he used him for almost a year and half, making his budget appear to have a substantial amount of excess funds, by saving him at minimum of $75,000 of salary expenses to his budget line. By not having to pay for anyone, even though the position was in essence filled and the duties of that position being performed by Dan, he made himself look good.

Mr. Phillips did what he did for his own gain, to make himself look good to the BOS and Town and he did that at the Officer’s expense.

If Mr. Phillips was unhappy with Dan’s performance at any time, Mr. Phillips should have removed him from the responsibilities instead of adding to them.

Again, bad leadership, bad role model in my opinion.

Maybe Mr. Phillips philosophy is to deliberately set people up to fail so that he can feed his own ego. He sure has an undeniable track record of doing just that.

Mr. Phillips spoke openly with Dan in my presence and included me in his conversations.

I defy Mr. Phillips to deny that what I have written is truthful and I am fully prepared to defend it if he does.

IRoc said...

Wow - when you look at other taser videos of training sessions, they are prepared with medical personal, they are indoors, and they have mats on the floor.

They aren't conducted outdoors so peoples faces get rubbed into the wet dirt and of grime of the street.

What is wrong with you people?

Cal said...

Happening all over shameful.

Donna said...

Second elaboration:

The “agony” the board endured while making their decision –

It struck me as odd when Mr. Phillips said the board “agonized” over the decision.

I felt it was a very significant statement. I knew that the Oral Board that Dan went through, consisted of three Police Chiefs – Chief Kassotis of Fitzwilliam, Chief Guinnard of Peterborough and Chief Letourneau of Dublin. I already knew from Dan that the way it went was that both candidates were supposed to be asked the same questions and then both got graded in points by each of the Chiefs, the scores got added together and whoever had the greatest number of points got the promotion.

Therefore “agonized” would not be a mathematical part of the equation. So who was agonizing and why?

According to Mr. Phillips, the applicants scores were close, but Mr. Roberts score was a few percentage points higher than Dan’s.

Dan didn’t get any consideration for things like, education, assignments, such as the Detective, Prosecutor, Computer Administrator, Equipment Officer, etc.

Why would a Chief of Police not do his own hiring for his 2nd in command anyway? That makes no sense. Then when you do decide to go outside the department, why not pick people from the area? He had a Chief of Police from another county there for crying out loud.
Why not have people who know the area, know the applicants and have worked with these officers before? Doesn’t that make logical sense?

A typical board usually consists of 2-3 police personnel and 1 or 2 civilian members, such as business owners.
Why not have someone like Trevor Croteau, or Chief Busick, or Butch Plifka, or the manager from Mr. Mikes or any number of other well qualified, well respected members of the Winchester Community?

Another words, the very people who are going to be affected by the decision in the first place.

Not some Chief from some town on the other side of the County, who has no contact with anyone except Mr. Phillips, when he goes to the Chiefs meetings every month or so. Not some Chief of Police in another county all together who knows nothing about anything to do with Winchester or it’s people, except that he knows Mr. Phillips.

Butch Plifka, wouldn’t have worked because he was already having problems with the police department, Chris Roberts in particular.

And when was the last time any police department in this area hired their top people through the use of outsourced oral boards?

I can surely appreciate not wanting to appear that there might be favoritism going on but the facts are the favoritism started when the position was posted, in the first place, when it said:

a. the person must be a fulltime certified member of the WPD
b. must either have a college degree or 5 years experience
c. the college degree could be substituted with 10 years of work experience
d. must be fulltime certified and must meet minimum qualifications of sergeant or patrol sergeant

Anybody knowing anything about this police department and there were many, knew that the only 2 people that would qualify under these requirements were Dan Reppucci and Chris Roberts.

So I think maybe the agonizing came from Mr. Phillips and not from these other Chief’s.

Oh and Mr. Phillips isn’t discussing like, test results and such, like personnel information?

Isn’t that a breach of confidentiality when you talk one applicant’s behind the back of the other?

Donna said...

Third, Fourth & Fifth elaborations:

Dan informing Mr. Phillips he will submit a written request asking be to relieved of the
duties and responsibilities of the Lieutenants position

Mr. Phillip’s illogical argument about why he shouldn’t do that

Dan’s logical explanation of why he should

After Mr. Phillips told Dan he didn’t get a promotion and lost by only a few percentage points because the board felt Mr. Roberts had more experience in Lt. duties “like the scheduling”.

Mr. Phillips recently assigned to Mr. Roberts the schedule and he promptly began targeted those he didn’t like, those that had too much information on him and those that were too close to those that had information on him and was discussed in detail that same night.

So Mr. Roberts scored higher because he had making a schedule for six months or so and that made him more qualified in the eyes of these three Chiefs according to Mr. Phillips.

I have read and heard that Mr. Roberts got demoted from his position as Lieutenant while in Hinsdale. Your boss doesn’t usually demote you unless you are underperforming or otherwise not living up to your responsibilities or have shown an inability to perform the tasks properly.

Interestingly, the first 3 letters in the title of Lt., is LIE – is that a code or something for what’s required of the position? Just asking.

When Dan said to Mr. Phillips, he would like to be removed from the responsibilities associated with the Lt.’s position and that he would like to begin passing these responsibilities over immediately, over the course of a reasonable amount of time, now that he had “Officially” promoted someone, Mr. Phillips said that he shouldn’t do that.

Mr. Phillips said numerous times I know you Dan, you’re a professional and you’ll feel differently in the morning.

Dan said yes I am a professional.

“You named your poison Gary.”

Mr. Phillips said NO, he doesn’t think that is a good idea because the newly appointed Lt. didn’t know how to do any of the responsibilities that the job entails.

Dan said, “You shouldn’t have promoted him if he can’t do the job.”

“You named your poison” now live with it.

Mr. Phillips said that “Mr. Roberts CAN’T Do what he does and he needs your help and besides if he were to relinquish any of his Lt. job responsibilities he could devalue his worth to an agency”.

Dan told Mr. Phillips that what he said didn’t really make sense. He started doing Theresa’s job as soon as she left, with no help from anyone and that he had to learn for himself what needed to be done.

He said that he would help Mr. Roberts transition but that he did not to be responsible for his responsibilities.

Mr. Phillips, again said to Dan numerous times I know you Dan, you’re a professional and you’ll feel different in the morning.

I finally had to interrupt and say to Gary, yes that is what I called him,

you really don’t know Dan, and yes he is a professional and he is telling you he doesn’t want to do someone else’s work and not get the recognition and pay that goes along with it and that is not going to change ever and certainly not with a nights sleep. He’s talking about integrity and what is right.

Then I said if you picked the wrong person for the job, it’s your fault and you can’t expect other people to be used because of that.

How little did I know, how on target those words really were.

Dan told Mr. Phillips he will prepare a written request to be Officially relieved of the Lt.’s duties he had been doing and to immediately begin transitioning them to Mr. Roberts.

So here you see a Chief who doesn’t care about his Officers, he cares about himself and his image and what those people can do for him to make himself look good.

Again, showing no leadership.

Gary made the choice, no problem, he, not everyone else needs to step up to the plate and take responsibility for “HIS” decisions.

Anonymous said...

Think about it. Reppucci was set up by Phillips, Macie and Roberts. Why else all the lies? Roberts didn't like that Reppucci wasn't going after Breau. Breau knew too much about Roberts from when he did his background before getting hired. Roberts himself said he was fired from Hinsdale and when Winchester wanted him they hired him back and let him resign. Right before the oral board Roberts made a complaint about himself to start an internal investigation to try to get Breau fired. Reppucci told Phillips, Breau didn't do anything wrong and it was Roberts who did. Right after that the investigation about Reppucci letter being stolen. Pretty lame and stupid story really. Reppucci wouldn't answer questions without attorney and Phillips got pissed. Said he would fix him. He did, he fired him. Phillips and Roberts thought Reppucci wouldn’t take it so far. They figured if they lied at the unemployment hearing so he couldn’t get unemployment benefits then he’d have no money to fight them and they could make everyone believe their story so they wouldn’t believe Reppucci. Breau was forced out when Phillips started another investigation after Reppucci was gone. Him and Roberts figured that with Reppucci gone they could have their way with him. Breau was up on the game and resigned first. How many others were forced out because of Phillips and Roberts? About 5. Phillips is no leader and Roberts is worse. That’s how rumor has it.

Donna said...

Sixth & Seventh

Mr. Phillips telling Dan it was no big deal that he didn’t get the position and in a couple of years he would have it anyway

Dan explaining to Mr. Phillips it probably wouldn’t happen that way

Gary said to Dan after he made that extremely unprofessional and totally out of line comment about a cruiser being good news in light. Compared to Dan failing to score enough points to get promoted to Lt. That comment, I have on good authority, Phillips actually admits saying and then tries to justify why he made the comment, but never offers an apology for the downright inappropriate, leadership lacking comment made in the first.

Dan was quite clear with Phillips and told him that he was a professional, that he would continue to do his job as he had always done in a professional manner, that he would help facilitate the transfer of the duties he was no longer, by job description responsible for, over to Mr. Roberts and that he would immediately start applying to other agencies. This is a common in the police world to give advance warning because of background checks.

Again, Mr. Phillips frustrated response was, “you are a professional and you will feel differently in the morning”.

To which Dan reiterated, “yes I am a professional and I will be applying to other agencies”.

I defy Mr. Phillips to deny that what I have written here and all other previous posts is truthful and I am fully prepared to defend it if he does.

Making Progress said...

To Sept 17,2010 1: 16 AM post.
WOW! Right on the money. Breau went out on an injury and was told by Phillips to stay out and collect. Breau wanted to work but rumor has it that Roberts & Phillips dodn't want Breau in the PD during the day because Breau knew too much and would not tolerate their shenanigans. Has anyone talked to Jette to get his side of the story. Maybe this would be the forum for him to release reliable information and expose Phillips, Roberts and any other corrupt individuals.

It will keep coming up said...

How much did the chief agonize over the cover up on the pineywoods road felony?

Anonymous said...

If Reppucci was the participant - who was the suspect? How come the suspects name isn't listed? Or is this a phony investigation gone bad/that was being used to try to set officers up? Did they do something like that to Jette too?

Anonymous said...

to it will keep coming. are you talking about when Chris Roberts wouldn't even get out of his cruiser to get the evidence when Ben Kilanski's kayaks were stolen?

Donna said...

Eighth & Ninth Elaborations

Dan explaining that he couldn’t work under the new Lieutenant Mr. Roberts because he had no integrity, couldn’t be trusted and was targeting officers

Mr. Phillips agreed with Dan and stating he too doesn’t trust Mr. Roberts.

Mr. Phillips and Dan discussed for probably 15 – 20 minutes about how Mr. Phillips thought it would be better if Dan keep doing the work he was doing, to keep himself valuable to the agency.

Dan explained that his experience and dedication spoke for itself and he that he didn’t feel he needed to prove anything by doing someone else’s job.

He told Mr. Phillips with the 10+ years experience and training he had with Winchester, he was also the computer administrator, the cruiser maintenance administrator, had been the police prosecutor, among other things – so he didn’t think it was bad that he give up jobs someone else is getting paid to do so he could spend time on his job responsibilities as well expand on his knowledge.

It was at that point that Mr. Phillips said that if Dan doesn’t cover for Mr. Roberts things would not go smooth and that Mr. Roberts can’t be trusted to do the jobs properly and that he can’t trust him period. Dan told Mr. Phillips, if he were concerned about whether or not Mr. Roberts could do the job he shouldn’t have promoted him, it was his option to do so and he shouldn’t complain or use him because of it. Another words, as Dan said to Mr. Phillips, several times that evening “You named your poison”.

A conversation then started about Mr. Phillips being afraid that Mr. Roberts was going to target employees like he did with John Lovely.

After being hired and graduating from the PT academy, Mr. Lovely, a PT Officer, who worked with Mr. Breau at another job they both had, went through the field training program with Officer Breau as his FTO.

Mr. Breau had been assigned to FTO Scott Hurley and John Lovely.

After nearing completion of the required number of hours needed to be able to go out on his own, Mr. Roberts and Mr. Jette conspired to get rid of Mr. Lovely.

The did this by telling him he needed to repeat the entire FTO, this time with somebody else because it was alleged that Mr. Breau did not know how to train him properly.

The reason for this was simple, Mr. Lovely was a friend of Mr. Breau, make it hard and unreasonable for him and he’ll leave.

Scott Hurley, also trained by Mr. Breau was ready to go out on his own and did so.

Is there a problem here?

The problem again was with Mr. Roberts.

He didn’t like Mr. Lovely because he was friends with Mr. Breau and to him that was a threat.

His way to get rid of him was simple, make him spend a year or more in training by giving him no shifts.

Mr. Roberts just refused to put him on the schedule Giving him 1 or 2 shifts a month.

It was disturbing to hear this and when I asked Mr. Phillips why these things were allowed he just said there were big egos in the police world.

Donna said...

I hope people reading this and talking about these problems within the WPD understand that the conversations that I am elaborating on are conversations that took place at my house and it was Mr. Phillips who came to the house unannounced.

He had NOT been invited there, by either me or Dan. He showed up on his own at 9pm at night and stayed some 2 to 2 ½ hours trying to justify his actions.

If keeping problems at the WPD a secret was the goal of Mr. Phillips, he sorely failed in that goal.

People who lie, cheat and steal, sooner or later get caught.

That is precisely what happened to Mr. Phillips.

I defy Mr. Phillips to deny that what I say is untrue because he has lied and changed his story so many times during his testimony and the proof is in recorded hearings and in police reports.

His story of Dan Reppucci leaking confidential information and stealing confidential information, as being the cause for his termination as well as his not obeying an order would be laughable except Mr. Phillips caused someone to lose their job as well as their career.

That is not laughable, that is a crime.

In a nutshell – Phillips and Macie conspired to target Mr. Reppucci.

Mr. Phillips should hang his head in shame, not for what he has done to Mr. Reppucci, but for what he has done to those who had no means to fight him.

I’m quite sure he will pay dearly for the many times he broke, twisted and made up the law, just so he could feed his own ego.

My only question is, Mr. Phillips was it all worth it? Because in the end it is your career that is tarnished and suspect, you can be assured of that.

Neil said...

Interesting stuff - can't wait to find out what's in the letter.

Must be top secret stuff. Maybe there's some underground tunnels at the police department?

Anonymous said...

Now that the selectmen have figured out how to save the turtles, maybe now they can save the rest of us from this disgrace of a police chief and his cohorts!!!!!

Just Ask said...

Anytime anyone wants to compare training, experience and competency with Mr. Breau all they have to do is ask. I, for one, happen to know Mr. Breau and I asked him about his police experience in Orlando, Florida. This is what I found out about some of Mr. Breau’s duties as a Deputy Sheriff with the Orange County Florida Sheriff's Office.

I asked Mr. Breau how large the Orange County Sheriff's Office was and this is what he said:

“when I left the Sheriff’s Office in 1997 to live in New Hampshire, there were more Sergeants within the Orange County Sheriff's Office than there are there are State Troopers in New Hampshire”.

Mr. Breau said the Orange County Sheriff’s Office is one of the most highly recognized and respected Sheriff’s Offices in the United States and throughout the world. It is also the supreme law enforcement agency in Orange County with many specialized divisions. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for all the criminal patrol and investigations within the unincorporated areas of the county. This is also true for the other counties in Florida.

Here is a list of the many units within the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Mr. Breau gave me.

24 dog K-9 unit

Marine Patrol Unit

Ranch and Grove Unit, the equivalent to Game Wardens assigned to each of the six sectors

Homicide Unit

Aviation Unit with several helicopters and fixed wings

Community Policing Units

Crime Prevention Unit

Motorcycle Unit

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DUI Center-responsible for administering all DUI video-taping and Intoxilyzer testing procedures for ALL police agencies within Orange County.

Fleet Maintenance

Mr. Breau believed that when he left the Sheriff’s Office it consisted of nearly 2000 personnel. Today the Orange County Sheriff’s office exceeds 3,000 personnel.

When Mr. Breau worked for the Orange County Sheriff's Office he was assigned to the Special Operations Group DUI unit that averaged 2000 DUI arrests per year. This was a unit that only the best of the best DUI candidates were interviewed, selected and ultimately assigned to. Mr. Breau was a member of the 175 person Emergency Response Team. This unit was responsible for riot control, crowd control and all major evacuation emergencies and civil disturbances. In fact, Mr. Breau was a member of the Emergency Response Team that was assigned to the 1994 World Cup Soccer Competition in Orlando, Florida. Mr. Breau was also a Field Training Officer. This is also a position that is awarded to highly qualified Deputies. Mr. Breau was assigned to the Tourist Oriented Policing Unit in theDisney/Universal Studio area. This Unit was responsible for the overall safety and crime prevention of millions of tourists throughout the year.

I guess it would be safe to say that Mr. Breau was more than qualified to work for the Winchester Police Department. I had the opportunity to read Mr. Breau’s resume of qualifications and commendations. I must say, the list was quite impressive. Mr. Breau said his resume and qualifications are in his personnel file and anyone who feels the need to see his qualifications the can see them anytime the wish. Mr. Breau said he has nothing to hide and he prefers that anyone who wants to know more about him can ask him rather than speculating and gossiping about him.

To quote Mr. Breau:

“I would rather someone hear about my qualifications, experience and past from me “the horse’s mouth” than to be made a horse’s ass through rumor and speculation”.

Based on what I have learned and heard, it t is such a shame that Chief Phillips did not retain Mr. Breau.

Donna said...

10th & 11th.
By now everyone should be seeing a picture of a rather loose lipped Police Chief who for some reason knows NO boundaries, violates his own dept policies as well as the law, yet likes to point fingers at others.

I believe he does this to muddy the waters in the hopes nobody sees his shortcomings as a leader.

During this particular part of our conversation, he makes a "Big" statement about himself,his style of leadership & it speaks volumes of the unethical person he promoted.

Following are the subjects of the conversations:

--Mr. Phillips discussed how Mr. Roberts answered a particular question asked of him at the oral board, a question used to promote him to Lt. Based on that answer, Mr. Phillips said he questioned the trust he could have in Mr. Roberts.

--Mr. Phillips said that even while answering the question, Mr. Roberts exposed he would violate department policies to complete an assignment he had no authority to initiate and that made him uneasy.

The question asked: What would you do if one of the Selectmen came to you & said I think the Chief is having an affair during work hours, & I want you to conduct an investigation?

The first thing Mr. Phillips said was that he thought the Board should have given Mr. Roberts a lower score for his answer.

Then Mr. Phillips said, you know where I got the idea for this question from don’t you? I got it from when I worked at Jaffrey. That’s what happened to me & the Lt. was following me around all over taking videos of me while I was working.

Mr. Phillips went on to say, Mr. Roberts told the Board, he would handle things by letting the Chief know what was going on & that he was asked to conduct an investigation on him by one on the Selectmen. Then after he did that he would conduct an investigation.

Mr. Phillips said he wasn’t real happy with the way that Mr. Roberts answered the question & that it made him uneasy to know that he wouldn’t follow the dept policies & that was another reason why he didn’t trust him.

He said the policy manual says if it’s a criminal investigation it has to go to an outside agency like State Police because it’s a conflict of interest & he didn’t like that Mr. Roberts wouldn’t have followed dept policy. He said that by dept policy, Mr. Roberts didn’t have authority to conduct the investigation, & it would have been wrong for him to give the Chief a warning.

Mr. Phillips said he liked Dan’s answer & thought that it was good that he followed the dept procedure for investigating a fellow officer when a possible crime was involved.

Dan’s answer was to tell the Selectmen that he couldn’t conduct an investigation on another WPD officer & that it would be a conflict of interest by dept policy. He explained if the Selectmen wanted an investigation they could call either State Police or the Sheriff’s Office.

Pretty interesting Mr. Phillips chose to promote somebody he knew not only wouldn’t follow the policies in this make believe investigation but was also willing to conspire with the Chief by giving him a heads up during the course of a criminal investigation he would have conducted.

Had this been real investigation, Mr. Roberts would have broken the law & policies & who knows what the Chief would have done.

Unethical behavior & covering up crimes?

Is this the thin blue line at work?

I believe this was another incentive for the new Lt., Mr, Roberts and Mr, Phillips to go after Dan.

I’m sure if Mr. Phillips was talking about Mr. Roberts to us, he would have been talking to Mr. Roberts about Dan and that would have made Mr. Roberts uncomfortable.

Donna said...

This part of Mr. Phillips visit was about the oral board, an internal investigation involving Mr. Roberts and it shows some of how as a police chief he ran his police department. In my opinion he is incompetent.

12th thru 15th

An internal investigation that involved Mr. Roberts was brought up and Mr. Phillips and Dan had discussion about that
That internal investigation was requested by Mr. Roberts when he made a complaint against himself for conduct unbecoming an officer
That internal investigation had been given to Dan to investigate and was ongoing at the time of the Oral Board.
The investigation had something to do with Warren Breau and Mr. Roberts going after him.

At our home, Mr. Phillips asked Dan when he would have the internal investigation report involving Chris Roberts done, complete and turned into him. He told Dan that he needed him to turn it in as soon as possible and that he needs to get the investigation completed and all the information over to him.
Then they started talking about the following things about that internal investigation.

a. Mr. Phillips said he just wanted it turned in and as far as he was concerned for the purpose of the Oral Board it was complete because Chris made the complaint about himself. Mr. Phillips said it wasn’t like someone made a complaint about him, he made it about himself.
b. Dan questioned why Mr. Phillips didn’t have an issue or feel uncomfortable with the internal investigation to begin with and the fact that it was on going at the time of the Oral Board.
c. Dan said that was unethical and really cast a shadow on his motives, especially after what had been going on the past several months.
d. Mr. Phillips then said it was Chris who made a written complaint about himself, saying he violated the policy of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer, so it was no big deal.
e. Dan said with the investigation was still pending and open and nobody knew yet what the outcome was going to be or what the evidence he had was going to be. He said to Mr. Phillips that he did a disservice to the department and to the people sitting on the Oral Board and this is exactly the things that he is doing and allowing to go on that is causing problems in the dept. This is why officers are coming to me and that is why officers are leaving and have left.
f. Mr. Phillips said in his opinion it was no big deal to which Dan said, so you acknowledge that’s it’s OK with you when officers violate the dept. policies.
g. Dan said that either the Oral Board should have been postponed or Mr. Roberts should have been disqualified, that would have been the right thing to do.
h. Mr. Phillips shrugged his shoulders and said you’re just upset about the promotion and you’ll feel different tomorrow.

Mr. Phillips went into such detail about this internal investigation and how he didn’t think there was a problem with an officer who made a complaint about himself.

I believe, the only thing in Dan’s letter is a recap of the evenings conversation, that took place in front of me. I wasn’t a member of the police department, nor did I work for the Town of Winchester, yet I got to know an awful lot about a lot of things going and the people involved. Due to Mr. Phillips loose lips, that evening I suggested to Dan he document what the evenings conversations encompassed. He did so and gave that letter to Mr. Phillips several days later.

At the time I found this bizarre and disturbing just listening to Mr. Phillips try to justify what was not so obvious at the time, but in hindsight I now see as him setting up to go after Dan, just like the 3 or 4 other officers previous to that.

It seemed that Mr. Phillips was trying to divert attention from informing the hiring board, by saying it didn’t really matter that the person he promoted was under an internal investigation to use his words.

My opinion of Mr. Phillips is that he’s pretty unethical and he has a history of that, that goes back to his Jaffrey days and he has already discussed with not me but others.

John said...

It's a common and well known fact Phillips can't keep his mouth shut. If anyone blabs it's him. I'm quite sure if Reppucci says he didn't blab anything, he didn't. He was never a liar or a blabber. That's not the way he was. Phillips mouth on the other hand told many tales. People pay for their dirty deeds and Phillips if this is true, you'll pay for this one.

I Wonder? said...

The seniors are not getting a raise again this year and the chief is hiring another officer that we will have to pay after about a year and a half. He is complaining about belt tightening while he inflates his retirement with detail work. I wonder what he has on our selectmen, there cant be any other reason for keeping him around.

Donna said...

16, 17. 18

Discussion of the schedule and how the schedule since Mr. Roberts took it over, was being manipulated and used against certain Fulltime and Part-time members of the Winchester Police Department
Discussion about how Mr. Roberts is known to have used the same tactics in Hinsdale when put in charge of the schedule
Mr. Phillips request for an analysis of the schedule for the past 6 or 7 months so that he could speak to Mr. Roberts.

At Mr. Phillips request I brought him all the schedules of the past year.

As soon as Mr. Phillips gave Mr. Roberts the responsibility of the schedule, they became, for lack of a better word, disorganized.

Mr. Phillips said he didn’t know that this was going on but that he would talk to Mr. Roberts about the situation.

Everyone was affected, including the part timers who lost their jobs because of it.

The only schedules consistently the same during this period were Jette, Roberts & Phillips.

Mr. Phillips explained Roberts had to be home during the day and on weekends to babysit his kids and Jette had to work around his details.

Very professional way to run a police department Mr. Phillips. But then again, based on many of your accomplishments nobody could seriously consider you a professional at all, in my opinion.

You have connived, you have outright lied and your wall is coming down brick by brick.

Do you really think all of these lies will go unexposed?

Your stories change like the weather, you add and embellish, you have no credibility.

Anybody really, really listening to you and having even an inkling of facts can tell you haven’t been honest and sincere.

You are one of those people who doesn’t know what the truth is because you have told so many lies.

You are one of those people who fabricates a story to fit the lie instead of telling the truth.

People don’t feel sorry for people like you – they only feel sorry for the victims.

You can say what you want and you will say what you will, but the facts remain that you are a deceitful and an accomplished liar and there are mounds of proof through paperwork and proof to dispute that most everything you say is untrue and worthless when it comes to Dan Reppucci and your allegations against him fraudulent.

Those mounds of paper show your Lt. to be an accomplished liar also and the record shows that too, in my opinion and the opinions of others you have both crossed the line in your attempts at deception by presenting lies as facts.

Rather than being a leader, you have plotted your course and your own words and manipulations have caught up with you.

You’ll be remembered as that Chief, what’s his name, can’t remember now, anyway Reppucci got it all exposed and that Chief got canned. In my story, maybe you even go to jail for the crimes you committed. I believe some are felonies.

We shall see the ending in due time.

May the truth be the winner, so the people are protected.

Donna said...

Part 1
After my last entry outlining how Phillips deception and lies were happening right at our house I thought I’d put a few final thoughts to paper.

There are those, like Phillips who will say that what I’ve said is untrue and that I’m just protecting Dan.

Not True. Those who know me and knew me. know I was never someone who took sides or covered up mistakes or truths or lies. It wasn’t my style.

I worked at Cheshire County for almost 11 years as the Accountant and worked with people from all the County Offices, the Sheriff’s Office and the County Attorney‘s Office to name a few. Also many state agencies, like the AG’s office. I know many of the players involved in this whole charade Phillips started.

I’m not a liar and I’m not a thief.

Neither is Dan Reppucci.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Phillips I dare you to be man enough to tell the truth. You know that sooner or later it will all come out. But you’ve already shown you aren’t a man and neither is Roberts.

I’ve seen the documents you accused Dan of stealing. It was work you assigned to him.

I know it’s a long time ago but it’s still easy enough to see that’s what it is. Do you really believe that anyone would steal information? For what purpose? Dan was the one who was reporting the crimes and violations.

You testified that Dan and Roberts were equals when they were both Sergeants, do you remember that?

No they weren’t. Not by the WPD policies.

Your policy book says something different. It says Senior Officer – A member in any given rank with the longest service in that rank.

And when Roberts was insubordinate with Dan and REFUSED to follow his orders you blew it off. Habit you had.

Dan reported this insubordination to you and said that he was getting tired of you doing nothing. Dan said you were undermining his ability to do his job and making him look bad at the Prosecutors office. Do you remember that? This on the heels of Roberts targeting other officers, like John Lovely for instance, Warren, once with the taser and once with his duty weapon, the incident at Kulick’s, the safe he wouldn’t get out of the water and the list goes on.

All this happened way before the Oral Boards.

Why would he need to steal what he already reported to you?

Your Lt lied when he said that Dan never sent the work back home. He did and there is proof of that. Is Roberts as computer illiterate as you are?

You were right when you testified you were computer illiterate, your Lt was right when he agreed with you.

Your Lt then took advantage of you being computer illiterate and lied and then he tried to cover it up, but that’s because he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Sorta like when he lied that there was never any incident involving a gun, back in Hinsdale.

You set Dan up, he was wise to you and you got caught.

You got caught because you always reminded your little pawns of what you did to your employee in Jaffrey and how you set him up by planting information in your office and how you set him up.

He got fired for that, didn’t he?

Isn’t the real truth you were afraid of Dan because he was bringing things to your attention that you didn’t want to deal with?

Donna said...

Part 2

Remember this all started because Phillips came knocking on OUR Door. He’s the one who got us to where we are today.

It’s been his manipulation, lies and cover-up all the way through.

Phillips has actually tried to justify and put in writing he was trying to be respectful when he showed up at our house at 9 pm on a work night.

Phillips said he wanted to tell Dan personally that he didn’t get the promotion.

If that’s true why did he start the conversation – and he has admitted this in writing and someday the world will get to see this also – he starts the conversation, to use his words to be respectful and put Dan at ease by saying:

“Good news, we got the cruiser but you didn’t get the job!”

Why would a boss, any boss, say something like that in the person’s own home?

How does anyone, especially someone who comes banging on someone’s door, unannounced and uninvited find that to be anything less than disrespectful, inappropriate and really quite disturbing when you realize his value of cruisers to employees.

Then Phillips tells a story that he has to stay for 2 ½ hours to calm Dan down?

The only time I remember any one having to be calmed down is when Phillips kept insisting that Dan keep doing the Lieutenants job responsibilities and Dan saying he wanted to be relieved of those duties as soon as possible. There was a lieutenant to do them and he wasn’t getting paid for that position. Phillips is the one who had to be calmed down because he kept saying he didn’t like that idea.

He kept saying Roberts couldn’t to the jobs he was doing and didn’t know how to.

If you recall you kept saying to Dan, I know you Dan, you’re a professional and you’ll see things different when you wake up the next morning, you’re a professional and you’ll do what’s right for the department. To which Dan simply said, you have a Lt. to do the Lt.’s jobs and that he would help facilitate the transfer but that he was not going to be responsible for someone else’s position now that he has officially filled that spot.

Donna said...

Part 3

To sum it all up you started this whole entire charade Phillips.

You told the Sheriff you thought someone broke into your office and stole Dan Reppucci’s letter and made copies of it and then put it back in your office.

Isn’t that what you reported? Isn’t that the crime you reported? Isn’t that what is in Macie’s report?

Dan told me and I believe him that this happened, the day you suspended him, he told you - Chief, I can get another job but I can’t get another integrity and you said to him “you’ll never get another police job”. Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you?

A little threatening isn’t it? Did you have it out for him? Were you really looking to find out who broke into your office or were you looking for an excuse to discredit Dan so nobody would believe him?

You are the one without integrity – you can’t even follow your own rules and policies that you wrote.

Some leadership you showed there, Phillips.

Some might even think you wanted to silence him, set out to do that and just missed the mark a little. Because you haven’t silenced him by any stretch, have you?

You accused him of not being professional at our house when you said to him he should forget about the things he reported to you.

Isn’t that like a cover-up you were trying to force him into?

Dan tried to tell you the importance of following the law and not breaking it and how following the policies leads to a more productive work force and a more cooperative atmosphere. But like you said those egos always get in the way.

That’s why leadership is important, it lights the way to tame those egos.

Too bad you weren’t younger Gary, maybe you would have had a chance to learn that and actually make yourself look good. Unfortunately, your career is done and it’s going to go down with a big thud.

I believe you’ll be remembered as the Chief who tried to cover-up the truth and attacked his own people in the process.

You’re a bad seed and a very evil person. I hope you pay for all of your crimes, I hope your get exposed for what you really are and I hope that you get stopped as soon as possible.

Do you even know anything about the oath you took? Do you know anything about the law? Or even your own policies?