Monday, June 21, 2010

Who's Protecting Nate Jette and Why???

How sad is it that the taxpayers have to continue to endure the slap in the face mentality of the Winchester Police Department? And if that is not the intention please let us hear from those of you who work there.

How sad is it that the Selectmen continue to support and condone bad behavior by this department.

Worse yet we have the luxary of having a retired Police Lt. and an Ex Police Lt. of the Winchester Police Department sitting on the current board of selectmen and they too do nothing.

How sad is it the best the Selectmen can do for us is to put up with this nonsense and vow to keep what they've got, as far as personnel, because there is nobody else who would want to be part of  the Winchester Police Department?

We have again been subjected to Nate Jette sharing with the world his lack of any shred of loyalty to the taxpayers who employ him and pay his salary and benefits by openly and proudly telling all the world that he has his music playing in the background as he is "Writting" reports.

Not a typo - Jette does 'Writting" while most of the rest of us do our writing.

He must have been distracted when he wrote that.

Taking a break less than a half hour after starting his shift. Must not have been any work to do.

Then like an addict who knows no boundaries, he provides us with his take on what role women should have in the world, sharing his sexist, racist comments about how the world was better off when ........women did all the work.

This hours after his 'Writting".

A sexist comment that only one person responded to, a woman, and her response was Ouch!

This is a perfect example of why he should never have been promoted to supervise and instead should have been being supervised.

All this during his May 14th shift.

Several days before that entry, just 5 minutes after his shift starts he's on Facebook, counting down the hours til he's done.........?

He doesn't give reason to feel comfort or dedication to this town and the more proof there is more protection that Nate Jette seems to be recieving than he should be getting.   

What's up with that?


Friday, June 18, 2010

For Those Who Continue to Defend Officer Jette

For those of you that think that Officer Jette is being picked on, singled out, or used as a scapegoat here is a letter of complaint made against him by a citizen of Fitzwilliam.

This is public information under the RTK laws and can be requested from Chief Kassotis of the Fitzwilliam Police Department.

You decide whether this was a false complaint made against an officer or not.

Were the Town's of Richmond and Winchester made aware of this complaint? If so when? This complaint was written more than a year ago at the end of April 2009.

If they weren't they are being made aware now and will hopefully do a full investigation to get to the bottom of it.

If they did investigate this, what was done?

Are there any witnesses who have information?

The type of behavior alleged in the complaint is the same type of behavior that keeps coming up with Officer Jette.

He keeps getting accused of targeting people and of violating their rights.

According to the letter Officer Jette - who was not an on duty police officer at the time, not in uniform, not in a police vehicle but his own personal truck - followed this person to their home in a town he Neither Works in or Lives in. He had NO jurisdiction.

What was his business to do this?

Why not call the police department or dispatch? Wouldn't that have been the appropriate thing to do?

It seems Officer Jette wanted to take the law into his own hands.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Police Secretary Maryan Platz and her Facebook

Three entries on Facebook made by Maryan Platz while she was supposed to be working at her job at the Winchester Police Department:

Maryan Platz uses the picture of the black cat.

Post # 1 – Lawrence Moore on Wednesday March 31st @ 11:24 am
Post # 2 – Chris Parker on Wednesday March 31st @ 11:33 am
Post # 3 – Lawrence Moore on Wednesday March 31st @ 1:49 am

This is just a sampling of the many other posts that have surfaced.

The selectmen need to address this blatant misuse of taxpayer’s money. The Chief of Police and the Lieutenant need to be held accountable, this is occurring on their watch. If they are unable to follow and enforce simple rules how can you expect they have followed more complex rules as that very precise question has come up numerous times? When Selectmen are you going to order an investigation of your Police Department because it has been shown over and over there is no rule there in that building and there is no law? You continue to allow the charade of competency when time and again proof shows that NONE exists.

Posting from Craigslist

This was found on Craigslist in the Personals section under Rants and Raves. According to the date it has been posted there since May 30th. Don't know if there is truth to this or not but thought in the event it is and that there are other's with knowledge of this sort of thing happening that it should be passed along. In an effort to not offend anyone this has been edited but if you use your imagination most will figure it out.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's the Real Deal With Nate Jette??

Please refer to the 3rd Jette Post Entry made on Monday @ 12:12 pm on May 3, 2010:

"8 hrs on my feet on the yellow line outside the Cheshire fair grounds was not the best
thing I could have done. Chewing Ibuprofin like skittles because my hip is gonna fall

Nate Jette was in an Off Duty Car Accident a few years ago and broke his hip. It seems now it's bothering him.

With ALL the EXTRA DETAILS that Jette has done wearing out his hip, who's to say that
he's not going to injure himself or somebody else because he can't move quick enough
or because he didn't take his medicine that day, whatever that medicine might be?

Who is going to be the one picking up the liability? Winchester? Richmond? Swanzey? Keene?

If he's not fit enough, by HIS own ADMISSION to do details without announcing to
the world that his hip is going to "fall off" because he's been on it too long, maybe the
Town ought to consider he not be allowed to do these details or work for that matter until
he's been thoroughly checked by a doctor of the Town's choosing and cleared fit for "ALL" duty.

Some clearance that he is able to stand for long periods of time, to ensure he isn't going
to be more of a liability to himself or worse yet somebody else, seems to be warranted to ensure all are protected.

The Town Father's have now been apprised of yet another instance of concern for the Town taxpayers and the public at large.

Standing for long periods of time is one of the many requirements to be deemed "Fit For Duty" for a police officer employed by the Town of Winchester. If there were a major accident on Route 10 for instance, during Nate Jette's shift, he may have to stand on his feet for hours directing traffic. He needs to be "fit" to do that in the event something like that becomes real.

If he were to get injured on the job because of his hip injury and the fact that he overworked his hip by doing all of these out of town details, who would have to pick up the worker's comp?

Do the Attorneys handling the settlement of the car accident know about all these problems he has while working the numerous additional hours every week?

It seems he hasn't lost his ability to earn extra money with all the extra details and overtime he works, yet he complains.

What's the real deal with Nate Jette?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Proof That Some Believe the Problems Are Coming From the Inside - Not From the Outside

Anonymous said...

Connect the dots. Here a few possible issues concerning town employees and officials over the years.

Keep in mind folks these issues go back possibly 20 years or more.

Possible issues:

Brattleboro Retreat:

DUI arrest while Chief of Police:

Drug consumption:

Sex on the Job:

Theft of pornography:

Destruction of evidence:

Voting fraud:

Tampering with eidence:

False reporting of evidence:

Accident cover up:

Illegal arrest:

Criminal threatening w/firearm:


Failure to arrest:(domestic violence)

Banking fraud:DUI conviction:

Excessive force:

Short list of potential players:











June 9, 2010 2:19 PM

We found this interesting, someone has provided a very concise list of individuals and questionable activities associated with this Town.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Nate Jette has no shame in conversing for an hour on our time.

Is this one of the many days he put in for overtime?

Nate Jette not only has stolen supplies (by his own admittance) from us, he steals time and then steals it again by getting overtime because he can't get his work done.