Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DEMAND ANSWERS: Formal Complaints filed by Dan Reppucci to County Commissioners against Deputy Kelvin Macie and Winchester BOS against Cheif Gary Phillips & Lt Christopher Roberts

Unethical Police and Police Corruption – Don’t Look the Other Way - DEMAND ANSWERS, ASK QUESTIOINS AND HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

Why is Hinsdale Police Officer, Theresa Sepe, now a Board member, helping to cover up these crimes and protecting the CHIEF?

Why is former Lt. Sherman Tedford helping to cover up these crimes, now that he is a Board of Selectmen?

Why don’t they DEMAND answers from the CHIEF?

They KNOW the LAW, they know the DEPARTMENT Policies and THEY KNOW their CHIEF lied and manipulated and twisted the TRUTH to get rid of REPPUCCI.

Why do they hide from the TRUTH?

Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn't do? Have you ever had to defend yourself against a lie? accusation? mistruth?

Have you ever had to STAND up for yourself because someone doesn’t like what you stand for?

When the police do it, the stakes are higher.

The police are trusted because we are taught they aren’t supposed to break the law.

But they CAN and all too often they Do.

And when BAD Cops do it to GOOD people they try to cover it up and make the GOOD people look BAD.

This is what happens when the GOOD people have the proof and Stand Up to the COPS who are BAD.

Sometimes Good people get to speak out and give evidence and they show the world that there really are BAD Cops in the world and we need to know about them.

JUST think what could happen to you, if you get accused of doing something wrong, when you didn’t, but the police accuse you anyway, just because they can.

Because they don’t like what you stand for.

Just think what can happen to honest, law abiding people, if we keep letting them get away with it?

We all must all do our part to expose and stop BAD COPS so the GOOD COPS can do their job.

It’s time to fight back against BAD COPS. There is NO room for people who misuse their power and then lie through their teeth that they don't.

If you can’t be an honest cop and Follow the Laws and uphold the Constitution then there is no room for you as a cop in this Country.

We will be vigilant and we will expose you and all your dirty deeds, because that’s what GOOD people do to protect other GOOD people when BAD Cops don’t.

Dan Reppucci, wrongfully and unlawfully terminated, after Gary Phillips, Chief of Police and Cheshire County Deputy Kelvin Macie BOTH TESTIFY UNDER OATH he was "insubordinate" when he failed to answer questions during an "internal investigation".

Neither has told the truth, under oath, that it was a CRIMINAL investigation and by law and department policy, Reppucci has a LEGAL right to NOT answer questions and TO speak with an Attorney as he requested to do – BEFORE answering questions.

Instead of complying with that request, THEY chose to VIOLATE his Constitutional Rights to consult with an attorney.

The REASON is Simple: Reppucci was being TARGETED by the Chief for HIS information and knowledge of criminal and unethical activities going on in the police department.

Activity that the Chief wanted COVERED UP. The way to accomplish that was to discredit and silence REPPUCCI.


The Chief of Police reported to Sheriff Foote a break in and theft at the Police Department.

Deputy Kelvin Macie was sent by Sheriff Foote to investigate.

Kelvin Macie - Investigator for Cheshire County NH Deputy Sheriff.

Repucci knew they were conducting a criminal investigation and asked to consult with an attorney BEFORE answering questions because he felt he was being targeted, it was HIS legal RIGHT, IT was THEIR Obligation to obey that request.

A legal right to counsel is afforded to anyone in the country in criminal investigations conducted by the police and that included Reppucci.

Phillips and Macie violated the 5th and 6th Amendments of the US Constitution, when they did not allow Reppucci to exercise his Constitutional Right to Counsel.

Neither are NEW to LAW ENFORECEMENT and BOTH have many years of experience.

Reppucci was concerned he was being SET UP by the Chief.

Reppucci has stated and it is recorded in Kelvin Macie's report he felt he was being targeted for termination for reporting illegal and unethical activities going on at the Winchester Police Department.

Both Deputy Kelvin Macie and Chief Gary Phillips testified Reppucci was being questioned during an internal investigation and during that questioning he failed to cooperate.

Why would they testify that it was an internal investigation and not a criminal investigation?

Simple, if it was internal investigation, he was insubordinate; if it was a criminal investigation, he wasn't, as he was exercising his constitutional right to speak with counsel under the law and the department policies he was employed under.

In order to discredit and go after Reppucci, the Chief with the help of Kelvin Macie had to tell everyone AND also testify that Reppucci was bad and wasn't following orders. That he was being insubordinate and he had to be disposed of, immediately, that he was a threat to the department.

The Chief and Deputy colluded to successfully violate his constitutional rights.

They lied about the fact it was a criminal investigation. They hid and covered up that very important fact up making people believe that they did nothing wrong but that Reppucci was the one who was wrong. Including to the courts.

Both try to discredit Reppucci saying he's just a disgruntled employee who is mad he didn't get a promotion.

Dan Reppucci's story makes sense, a pretend break in and a person fired are just too coincidental and a history with this Chief.

Those who know Reppucci know he wouldn't have given up a 15 year career because he didn't get a promotion. He has an extensive and accomplished background and his yearly reviews were near perfect year after year, including the one he got just a few months before this entire matter. The Chief going on and on for pages about Reppucci's accomplishments, self sacriface, availability even after hours, with NO EXTRA pay, to the department and officers and his importance to both the agency and the Chief and how his professionalism carries over into the rest of the police community.

Reppucci: Sergeant, Detective, Police Prosecutor for several years, educated, disciplined.

Realistically, even if there was some problem, you would think that the Chief wouldn't just "throw away" such a loyal employee whom he relied on and who was always there for both him and the Department.

The Chief's story makes no sense.

Those who know Reppucci know the real story know that the problem is that he had information the Chief didn't and still doesn't want out in public. Information he doesn't want the public to know about.

The Chief TRIED to VIOLATE this Officer's Constitutional Rights when he ordered him, demanded the Officer immediately cooperate and immediately answer questions in the Deputy's criminal investigation.

Reppucci held firm, stood his ground and honored the Oath of Office he took to not violate the law and to Uphold the Constitution.

The Chief couldn't find anything else this Officer had done wrong so he had his Lt. Chris Roberts check his emails and fabricate yet another story.

They both tell a story about how he was stealing confidential documents.

Reppucci says that's a ridiculous lie. Reppucci has proof that Roberts lied under oath and fabricated his story because the only emails he ever had were work related and turned in when complete and nothing was ever stolen.

Reppucci said that the emails he had were emails that there show there were problems with some of the employees at the police department, including Roberts.

Reppucci has said he was given an assignment to investigate some goings on at the police department and it's not his fault that the truth ended up being negative for Roberts and the Chief wanted it covered up.

Reppucci had been bringing forward knowledge of Criminal and Unethical Activity going on and is still going on in the police department. So far it's swept under carpets. Sooner or later that will stop happening.

Reppucci wants to see Justice done and these people properly disciplined and removed from their poistions for what they have done to him and to others.

Reppucci wants the opportunity to clear his name. He has said he will continue that fight until the truth comes out. We will continue to help him.

Phillips, Macie and Roberts have ALL violated their Oath of Office and should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking they fall into the same class as real, honest and hardworking Law Enforcement Professionals.

Police Corruption Needs to be Exposed and Needs to be Dealt with Legally. 

The THIN BLUE LINE needs to be CROSSED. 

Please feel free to share your stories and comments.

Christopher Roberts - Lt, Winchester NH Police Department

Gary Phillips - Chief, Winchester Police NH Department



Monday, November 1, 2010

Help Stop the Public Corruption in Cheshire County

Former Winchester Police Officer, Daniel Reppucci has asked that we share his story and give him an opportunity to present his side of the story as to how and why he was termintated.

Documents sent with this email are available by request to the concnernedcitisensofwinchester@gmail.com email address and are in pdf format.

These documents will be converted to a format that will allow them to be posted on the blog and when they are available they will be located to the right of this blog under the heading, Documents and Other Reference Material - Double Click Document to Enlarge and they will be entitled Dan Reppucci Documents.

October 27, 2010

To Whom it may concern,

Last year I was terminated from the NH Winchester Police Department for allegedly not answering questions and cooperating in an internal investigation. I was the Detective Sergeant of the agency and had worked there for more than 10 years and had a personnel file to be proud of.

The State and Local Politicians and Officials of NH as well as the Media need to know that public corruption is a serious problem and how it happens.

I had MY Constitutional Rights violated when I was accused of not cooperating in an internal investigation.

I have spent more than a year gathering evidence in my defense, to be able to clear my name against false allegations made against me by my former employer. I now have physical proof and evidence the investigation was a Criminal Investigation, that I had a Constitutional right to speak with an attorney during that investigation and I have physical proof and evidence that the other allegations were also false allegations and I did not do the things I was accused of.

I have provided a copy of a letter dated May 17, 2010, in which Cheshire County Sheriff Foote specifically states:

“The investigation in question is a criminal investigation. It is not an internal investigation.”

He goes on to further state that NO internal investigations had been conducted in Winchester in 2009 by the CC Sheriff’s Dept , PERIOD.

Proving my Constitutional Rights were violated.

Since that initial time when I was first terminated from my employment, I was receiving and then had been denied unemployment benefits, I lost a Cheshire County Superior Court ruling, filed on my behalf by my attorney J. Joseph McKittrick of McKittrick Law Offices, Northampton, NH, in which Judge Arnold ruled, based on false information provided, the Town was in it’s legal rights to terminate my employment, my case now with the Supreme Court after failing to get a reconsideration on that ruling.

I’ve lost every Administrative and Judicial proceeding because I have been accused of having not cooperated in an internal investigation.

It is this misrepresented and false information that the investigation itself was an internal investigation that has even given credence to any of the other false allegations and information they have lied about.

No physical proof has ever been provided to show I did any of things I was accused of doing.

I have recently filed formal written complaints to the Cheshire County Commissioners and the Town of Winchester Board of Selectmen asking for complete and thorough criminal and internal investigations on the “Participants” who have conspired together to hide this information from the public and from these “Official Proceedings”.

I have attached the complaints that were made to both the Commissioners and the BOS, all confidential information blacked out, copies of the actual Cheshire County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Report, #09-63-OF, a copy of a letter from Cheshire County Sheriff Foote, stating he directed the Deputy to conduct a criminal investigation at the Winchester Police Department after a crime had been reported, and finally the Superior Court ruling.

My constitutional rights were violated by both these agencies when they failed to allow me to an attorney as I had made it very clear, I was being targeted for termination for being a whistleblower.

I would love the opportunity and would appreciate having a chance to speak to someone to tell my side of the story, backed up with evidence, so the public knows what goes on behind closed doors and the extent some will go to, to keep those doors shut while hiding the truth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 518-772-2652 or at my email.

Thank you.


Daniel Reppucci