Monday, February 21, 2011

See How Lt. Roberts Gets Nate Jette to do his dirty work.

Photograph of Officer Breau's open locker - photo taken by Roberts and Jette. 

Photograph of Officer Breau's weapon in his locker - photo taken by Roberts and Jette.  

Rather than just close and lock Breau's unlocked locker, Roberts makes a big deal about it and goes and gets Jette.

More behavior reminiscent of grade school antics that would get someone to the Principles office and not get someone a raise.

Jette's accounting to Detective Sgt Reppucci is accurate and clear.

There is a video tape from the surveillance system at the Police Department. You can see that it records the moves of Roberts, including when he comes back with Jette and brings the camera and pictures are taken.

Roberts was going after Breau and he used Jette to get there.

Why take pictures? Unless of course there was an ulterior motive.

Phillips condoned Roberts behavior and then rewarded him with a promotion.

Phillips is too incompetent to run a police department.

Roberts past problems in Hinsdale are now our problems in Winchester.

Is Roberts ego so big that he has to undermine people and attack them in order to feed it?

Where does he stop?

What more will we find out about?

What else is Phillips keeping from us and how much do the Selectmen know about?

What else has Phillips hid? What lies and deceit does he cover up?

How much have the Selectmen tried to find out about?

We can no longer afford these Renegade, Robo cops in our town. They are costing us day in and day out.

If this is normal for a police department we need to get rid of them all, then do psyche tests on a brand new set of cops.

Part of the requirement to get hired and get the benefits we work so hard to pay out would be to pass that test and have integrity.

It never stops being amazing what is going on there behind closed doors.

It's time to VOTE for change.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Winchester Police Department Lieutenant makes a formal complaint against himself and asks that he be investigated and the Chief honors the request and agrees to an investigation..............

Chris Roberts makes a complaint against himself and Chief Phillips orders an investigation into his (Roberts) allegations against himself.


Here's the facts and documents to prove it:

The Lieutenant of the Winchester Police Department made a formal written complaint against himself and requested that he be investigated for being in a "pissy mood" in front of a group of US Marshall's.

The results of that investigation determined that he was in a "pissy mood".

Why you ask, would Roberts make a complaint about himself?

What could the Reason be?

To target another police officer he didn't like and to try to get that officer in trouble, that's the real reason.

Another concocted story by Phillips and Roberts to target an employee.

Another example of a corrupt Winchester police department and that corruption being covered up by those who abuse their power.

Adding to the mounds of evidence already shown as factual here is the complaint written by Chris Roberts about himself: