Monday, November 1, 2010

Help Stop the Public Corruption in Cheshire County

Former Winchester Police Officer, Daniel Reppucci has asked that we share his story and give him an opportunity to present his side of the story as to how and why he was termintated.

Documents sent with this email are available by request to the email address and are in pdf format.

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October 27, 2010

To Whom it may concern,

Last year I was terminated from the NH Winchester Police Department for allegedly not answering questions and cooperating in an internal investigation. I was the Detective Sergeant of the agency and had worked there for more than 10 years and had a personnel file to be proud of.

The State and Local Politicians and Officials of NH as well as the Media need to know that public corruption is a serious problem and how it happens.

I had MY Constitutional Rights violated when I was accused of not cooperating in an internal investigation.

I have spent more than a year gathering evidence in my defense, to be able to clear my name against false allegations made against me by my former employer. I now have physical proof and evidence the investigation was a Criminal Investigation, that I had a Constitutional right to speak with an attorney during that investigation and I have physical proof and evidence that the other allegations were also false allegations and I did not do the things I was accused of.

I have provided a copy of a letter dated May 17, 2010, in which Cheshire County Sheriff Foote specifically states:

“The investigation in question is a criminal investigation. It is not an internal investigation.”

He goes on to further state that NO internal investigations had been conducted in Winchester in 2009 by the CC Sheriff’s Dept , PERIOD.

Proving my Constitutional Rights were violated.

Since that initial time when I was first terminated from my employment, I was receiving and then had been denied unemployment benefits, I lost a Cheshire County Superior Court ruling, filed on my behalf by my attorney J. Joseph McKittrick of McKittrick Law Offices, Northampton, NH, in which Judge Arnold ruled, based on false information provided, the Town was in it’s legal rights to terminate my employment, my case now with the Supreme Court after failing to get a reconsideration on that ruling.

I’ve lost every Administrative and Judicial proceeding because I have been accused of having not cooperated in an internal investigation.

It is this misrepresented and false information that the investigation itself was an internal investigation that has even given credence to any of the other false allegations and information they have lied about.

No physical proof has ever been provided to show I did any of things I was accused of doing.

I have recently filed formal written complaints to the Cheshire County Commissioners and the Town of Winchester Board of Selectmen asking for complete and thorough criminal and internal investigations on the “Participants” who have conspired together to hide this information from the public and from these “Official Proceedings”.

I have attached the complaints that were made to both the Commissioners and the BOS, all confidential information blacked out, copies of the actual Cheshire County Sheriff’s Criminal Investigation Report, #09-63-OF, a copy of a letter from Cheshire County Sheriff Foote, stating he directed the Deputy to conduct a criminal investigation at the Winchester Police Department after a crime had been reported, and finally the Superior Court ruling.

My constitutional rights were violated by both these agencies when they failed to allow me to an attorney as I had made it very clear, I was being targeted for termination for being a whistleblower.

I would love the opportunity and would appreciate having a chance to speak to someone to tell my side of the story, backed up with evidence, so the public knows what goes on behind closed doors and the extent some will go to, to keep those doors shut while hiding the truth.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at 518-772-2652 or at my email.

Thank you.


Daniel Reppucci


Anonymous said...

Thank you to blog for posting parts of the police manual.If Phillips continues on his pathe, guess we'll have the whole police manual on. Flip side is the benefit to the officers because they'll have access no matter where they are. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Chief - Welcome back from vacation in good in ole Arkansa. At least you had good weather. Good thing you don't have to worry when you leave cause you have Roberts to take care of things for ya. He didn't screw things up to bad that we know of anyways. But with things as screwed up as they could they be screwed up any worse?

Anonymous said...

ive lived in this town almost my whole life i know what goes on and how bad these cops are theres alot even peolpe on this site dont know its been going on for years i say we need a whole new police force