Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Winchester Police Department Lieutenant makes a formal complaint against himself and asks that he be investigated and the Chief honors the request and agrees to an investigation..............

Chris Roberts makes a complaint against himself and Chief Phillips orders an investigation into his (Roberts) allegations against himself.


Here's the facts and documents to prove it:

The Lieutenant of the Winchester Police Department made a formal written complaint against himself and requested that he be investigated for being in a "pissy mood" in front of a group of US Marshall's.

The results of that investigation determined that he was in a "pissy mood".

Why you ask, would Roberts make a complaint about himself?

What could the Reason be?

To target another police officer he didn't like and to try to get that officer in trouble, that's the real reason.

Another concocted story by Phillips and Roberts to target an employee.

Another example of a corrupt Winchester police department and that corruption being covered up by those who abuse their power.

Adding to the mounds of evidence already shown as factual here is the complaint written by Chris Roberts about himself:


Anonymous said...

Wowwww………Roberts you ultimately gave them a felony parole violation?

Why didn’t you do your job in the first place? If you knew where some felony parole violator was in our town why didn’t you arrest them? Why did you wait for someone else to get here? To make yourself look good or something?

Geez, it says here you knew where the violator was. Instead you put the rest of us at risk.

Way to go Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe some transparency from the Phillips and the pd?

Anonymous said...

Roberts a little like kindergarten ain’t it? You must have run to mommy or teacher every time you had a spat with someone. Get real.

Anonymous said...

Sad that the selectmen support this. Then again look what else they support. Disgracefl. Maybe some new people voted in can make a difference in this town.

Anonymous said...

amazing what we never knew about.

Anonymous said...

Just because someone is a cop doesn't mean they're honest. Sometimes is just means they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

Appalling. Phillips is an idiot for letting Roberts get away with what he gets away with. He’s a conniving individual.

That’s what you get when you let 3 Chief’s from other towns and county’s pick your police department for you. Likely, these people weren’t given access to the true Chris Roberts and his true self.

Vindictive, demonic behavior and power hungry. Not good traits you want to see from your police. Time to get rid of him.

Anonymous said...

How can the selectmen consider Phillips a chief of police when he can’t even make up his own mind about who should be working under him? He has to go ask outsiders who know nothing about the town or the people who live in it who should be working for him and us?

Anonymous said...

Geez, Louise. Roberts are you living above your means? Looks like when you pull up your name at Cheshire County Deeds you’ve refinanced quite a few times. Looks like you last refinanced again about a year ago to the tune of $192,000.

Quite an incentive to keep your job. Quite an incentive to make sure you don’t get caught doing anything illegal or unethical so you don’t lose it. Quite an incentive to cover things so you don’t get caught.

Anonymous said...

Yeah right and then Phillips promoted you? Who's the biggest idiot here?

Anonymous said...

Yep, he probly needed money for his gun collection. Or maybe he needed more new fancy expensive tires. Ha