Saturday, March 5, 2011

Coincidence or by Design?

Is this Coincidence or Design?
This letter is dated June 25, 2009.
Written to Chief Gary Phillips, it appears to be informing him and documenting in writing the possibility Nate Jette falsified and improperly handled evidence and then covered up that fact up.
On June 25, 2009, the very same day Phillips gets this letter, Phillips contacted and spoke with Captain Trevor Croteau of the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office. Phillips reported to him and the Sheriff's Office that a couple of crimes were committed at the Town of Winchester Police Department.
The crimes according to Phillips: based on what he presented to the Sheriff’s Department. He was concerned about a possible unauthorized entry and the removal of a document from his office. That document then being duplicated and dispersed to the public. Page 1 of narrative.
So Phillips was accusing someone or someone’s of breaking into his office and stealing a letter, making copies and then putting it back thus the description of Misdemeanor, page 1, under type of investigation.
Note the reporting party Phillips, page 3 and participant Reppucci, page 1.
No bias there. No mistake either about what kind of investigation was taking place. A criminal investigation. Not an Internal Investigation.
Interestingly, this letter is contained as an attachment in one of the emails Reppucci has been accused of stealing. Equally interesting is that Phillips assigned Chris Roberts to investigate these allegations or potential criminal activity by ordering him to conduct an internal investigation into the matter.
No bias there.
Why Phillips, didn’t feel it was a matter of great enough importance to have the Sheriff’s Office investigate is a big question mark?
No bias there.
After all, how much more convenient could it have been, since he was already on the phone, the very same day, reporting a crime and asking them to investigate a break in and theft that happened in his office.

I mean really, how hard can it be to add a couple more allegations of wrongdoing going on in your police department? I'm sure the Sheriff's Department wouldn't have been too bothered by the request. After all they were quite accommodating when he reported your office was broken into.  

We don't have the answeres but we can speculate.
Oh, and based on the investigation done by Roberts – he didn’t find any wrongdoing by Jette and in fact he reported that to the AG’s office.
No bias there.
But then again did he present the AG's office with the facts or a story he made up? 
Phillips is it really a coincidence you called the Sheriff’s Office on June 25, 2009 to report a real crime involving Reppucci or was it by design?


Anonymous said...

Geez, Louise. Roberts are you living above your means? Looks like when you pull up your name at Cheshire County Deeds you’ve refinanced quite a few times. Looks like you last refinanced again about a year ago to the tune of $192,000.

Quite an incentive to keep your job. Quite an incentive to make sure you don’t get caught doing anything illegal or unethical so you don’t lose it. Quite an incentive to cover things so you don’t get caught.

Anonymous said...

I’ve known Roberts for years. I’ve been in and out of his house many times. It’s filled with his trophy fish hanging around all over. As soon as you walk in the door you see it all. The kitchen, the living room, you name it he dominates it all. His family lives in the man cave he built and dominates.

Anonymous said...

The best justice will be the day we see them get their just deserts.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Roberts needed more money to buy more guns to add to his fancy gun collection.

Anonymous said...

So the same day one officer puts in writing that one of Phillips other cops is screwing around with evidence Phillips has the idea it's time to go after the cop reporting the crime? Good one.

Anonymous said...

That explains the botched "Internal Investigation" that never was.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t add up. If you read between the story lines you can deduct:

This cop is doing a great job.

He gets fired for a flimsy reason that isn’t even true based on the information here.

Phillips gives him great reviews – not once but 2 times and both were recent and relevant.

Phillips keeps him on as second in command – with all the responsibilities no less and for an extended period.

Then it goes fishy, convoluted and contradictory.

When this cop reports felonies being committed by another cop working here – none other than ex-cop Nate Jette ––

it seems revenge is in the air.

Phillips calls in the Sheriff’s dept. for a stupid reason that can only mean it’s to divert the attention from himself and Roberts and Jette where the attention should really be.

Really, an employee there for that long – who never had a problem and now Phillips makes wild accusations that are out of character of this guy and contradictory?

Even the testimony of circumstances supposedly to have happened is contradictory. For instance that Phillips testified he doesn’t know the difference between internal and criminal investigations.

And how about Roberts making a written complaint about himself?

How convenient.

Nothing ever becomes of the reports of crimes being committed, except they are covered up.

Eventually Jette seems to finally get what he deserves and is booted out the door. At what price?

But shouldn’t that have happened a year before when he was first being reported?

Before more lawsuits?

Citizens being hurt, sexual harassment allegations ………..

Given Jette’s track record…. Well no comment. Given managements incompetence again no comment…….

His innocent victims on the other hand are left with the scars that Phillips and Roberts helped to inflict on them.

What an incredible story – maybe someday it will be a movie.