Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Phillips allows Nate Jette to access Porn Sites - Internal Investigation involving Nate Jette - Phillips Tells Many People that Jette is One of His Best Officers – Acts Surprised When Confronted with Facts Otherwise – Covers Up and Says – Many, Many, Many Times and says No – Not Jette – He’s one of my best officers - All the While Knowing Otherwise for Many, Many, Many Years


Anonymous said...

If Phillips new about all this for years does this mean Phillips lied to all of us about Jette being a great cop for just as long?

Anonymous said...

Another example of this towns screwed up management. The former lt. now a selectboard member had information and knowledge all along about the liability known as Nate Jette. She (Theresa Sepe) helped pretend that nothing was going on. Looked the other way. Now it's on her watch too. As his supervisor she was just as responsibile for ensuring the public was safe and that the other members of the police dept were safe. She can't say she didn't know anything when she is the one who conducted an investigation into the goings on in at the police dept. It'll be interesting to see what happens from all this mess these high paying fools created.

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t add up. If you read between the story lines you can deduct:

This cop is doing a great job.

He gets fired for a flimsy reason that isn’t even true based on the information here.

Phillips gives him great reviews – not once but 2 times and both were recent and relevant.

Phillips keeps him on as second in command – with all the responsibilities no less and for an extended period.

Then it goes fishy, convoluted and contradictory.

When this cop reports felonies being committed by another cop working here – none other than ex-cop Nate Jette –

it seems revenge is in the air.

Phillips calls in the Sheriff’s dept. for a stupid reason that can only mean it’s to divert the attention from himself and Roberts and Jette where the attention should really be.

Really, an employee there for that long – who never had a problem and now Phillips makes wild accusations that are out of character of this guy and contradictory?

Even the testimony of circumstances supposedly to have happened is contradictory. For instance that Phillips testified he doesn’t know the difference between internal and criminal investigations.

And how about Roberts making a written complaint about himself? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-fcX1bzIcoIo/TVrFK6aAmjI/AAAAAAAAAmM/lv9XlJuBR8Q/s1600/1.jpg

How convenient.

Nothing ever becomes of the reports of crimes being committed, except they are covered up.

Eventually Jette seems to finally get what he deserves and is booted out the door. At what price?

But shouldn’t that have happened a year before when he was first being reported?

Before more lawsuits?

Citizens being hurt, sexual harassment allegations ………..

Given Jette’s track record…. Well no comment. Given managements incompetence again no comment…….

His innocent victims on the other hand are left with the scars that Phillips and Roberts helped to inflict on them.

What an incredible story – maybe someday it will be a movie.