Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nate Jette Leaves a Taser Probe in a Citizen and the BOS Refuse to Accept Paperwork?

Town of Winchester 1 Richmond Road Winchester, NH 03470


Wednesday June 23, 2010

3rd Order of Business: Open to the Floor (15 minutes) - From Meeting Minutes on-line at Town's Website.

"Brian Moser addresses the board with an authorization of limited disclosure that he hands to Selectman Tedford for him to sign before Brian gives the documents he has to the board. Selectman Tedford will not sign it or accept it because the individual that signed the document did not have it notarized that it was his signature. Brian takes all of the documents back."

What kind of Monkey Business is going on?

Is it really the policy of the
Town of Winchester to NOT accept documents about complaints  unless they are Notarized?

Is There Something Else at Play? 


Interesting said...

Makes no sense.

Why wouldn’t they accept something that isn’t notarized when they haven’t even read the documents to even KNOW what they say?

That sounds a little fishy.

Anonymous said...

that meams we don't look at taxbill we don't have to pay right? stupid!!!

Watching and Learning said...

Hopefully Mr. Black didn't or doesn't suffer any more at the hands of Jette or any other cops in Winchester for coming forward. Others are too intimidated. Phillips and Roberts tried to sweep another one under the carpet. Maybe this will lead to the rest of the coverups like when Roberts was calling the employees at Kulick's idiots and that they didn't know anything and how Phillips did nothing about it when it was reported to him by the owner of the store, Butch Plifka. Mr. Plifka made it perfectly clear to Phillips and the Town that he didn’t think Roberts should have ever been promoted to Lt and that was just one of the reasons for his opinion. Like the Piney woods incident that is well documented and Roberts didn't want to get out of his cruiser to go get evidence from a USPS safe because he was gonna get wet and he didn’t think it had any evidentiary value. Does he have ESP or something? What makes his lazy ass so smart that he doesn’t think he has to get his lazy ass out of the cruiser and do his job? It shows Phillips inability to promote someone who’s best for the Town, he picked what was best for him, someone who would lie and hide and cheat with him. Just like he did with Jette. That's what we have here in Winchester. Liars, Thieves, Arrogant, Bully, Rogue Cops. Many of us see their rope slowly starting to unravel. Through the impending lawsuits bestowed upon this Town because of it’s current employees and as more people see they can come forward we will surely see the truth come out. Hopefully, no one else gets caught in the crossfire.

Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...

To those who have contacted us we would first like to say thank you.

And yes, we will post any documents or other media to this website that is attributable to the corruption in the WPD and specializing in any other agencies within the County. But we will not turn down information beyond that border and will help to expose other corrupt areas of the state. We don’t care if the source of the information remains anonymous as long as the information can be verified by the reporting party.

Our policy has been and will remain the same - no names are needed. WE are here to expose the corruption.

Anonymous said...

Even if the guy deserved to be tased this obviously agressive officer didn't bother to make sure the guy was OK after the fact.

No excuse for that. The officer should have known better. He's supposed to be the smart one.

Judging from the letter on the other post maybe he went after this guy on purpose like he did with the other person.

And then on Facebook when he's supposed to be at work?


Why are you keeping him?

And this is OK with those who oversee him?

What have they all done that he knows about?

Winchester is known to have a bunch of loser cops that don't know what they are doing and here's more proof.

Anonymous said...

As the Saying goes -

- What goes around comes around -

and it's about time the cops in Winchester get what they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Looks like serious problems for the town and the police dept.What are the policies.Surely the must have some.If they don't they better get some soon.The guy should have been checked right off.Whether there was a policy or not negligence wull likely be charged here if there is a lawsuit, one can only assume there will be.

Anonymous said...

Ousted officer takes on bosses in Weare

Was reading the Union Leader - thought I was reading about Winchester.
This is what one poster wrote.

You really have to look closer to see what they seem to have tried to do to this officer. Granted I don't know anyone involved but I have common sense, and I have some friends who live in Weare. I have heard some stories about the PD and some officials as well. It seems to me that this guy walked a straight line and would not play their way. Changes records, making false charges against an officer, 2 words, set up!

If you read the story it sounds like this officer took porn home for other reasons, its not until you look at the comments you know he took a laptop where he was working on a case. Those of us who work hard know bringing work home is common, I do it everyday. Shame on these "thugs"! I hope he wins and I hope those who have stood silent will speak up. And also, if 30k is missing why is it not being investigated?
- Stacey, Manchester