Monday, July 12, 2010

More Public Corruption in Winchester? You Decide....

Following are Facebook activities of MaryAn Platz a Full Time Employee of the Town of Winchester Police Department.

Many of the posts are done during the workday week, Monday thru Friday and during the hours of 8am - 5pm. Of these posts, most occur during the 9am - 3pm time frame. These hours coincide with the regular hours worked by Maryan Platz.

Is this yet another example of a Chief and Lieutenant who refuse to manage the Police Department Personnel during the work shifts of those employees?

Is the Chief wasting tax dollars by allowing the employees of the Police Department to goof off and/or do as they please?

If the Chief should leave his post does that mean the Lieutenant will take his position?

Will the Town of Winchester be better off or worse off if that were to happen?

The Lieutenant comes from the Town of Hinsdale under a dark cloud of suspicion after being terminated from that town after some 17 years of employment in the police department. Incidentally, this was after a DEMOTION in RANK and being relieved of supervisory responsibilities of other officers he oversaw.    

Is it time to replace the entire Police Department in the Town of Winchester?

Is the corruption so deep that no one in the Department should be believed or trusted?

After all, this is the same group that the Attorney General's Charitable Trust Unit found to have broken the law when they conducted their investigation of irregular activities going on with the Winchester Police Association.

Presenting False documentation to TD Bank, not one time, but two times.

Now in the AG's report there is proof that the Chief, Lieutenant and Maryan Platz are all willing to break the law and look the other way as they do so.
Why is it when an outside agency did an investigation, illegal activity was uncovered, yet when the Winchester Police Department conducts an investigation of one of their own they find nothing wrong?

Does this mean they cover up for each other as they continue to hide behind their badges?  

If the Chief and Lieutenant continue to hide behind the fact they didn't know, weren't aware, didn't think excuses, perhaps it's time to get better qualified individuals to take care of running this department.

Maybe it's time to make Integrity and Ethics a requirement for employment in the Town of Winchester Police Department.  

And really, the Board of Selectmen continues to ignore and allow those running this Department to lie and be deceptive? When will they act?

Some Friends of Maryan Platz 


hard to believe said...

Hell, Gardner will vote to give her a performance bonus, Sepe will vote to give her 10 sick days, and Tedford will say this web site is being picky. NO other town would tolerate this amount of steeling Co. time. ITS CRIMINAL

dream jobs said...

Face book on Co. time. Gardner would say, lets give her a performance bonus, Sepe would say, she needs 10 sick day, and Tedford would back her poor work ethics with you people are being to picky. In the real world she would be looking for work.

Anonymous said...

can you give us some insight about the case and what really happened?

Anonymous said...

That's the problem - people make complaints then the town covers it up and then nobody hears anything after.

Stealing time from the Town Taxpayers by being on Facebook and other websites during work hours?

Using the Computer for Her Own Personal use and for Her Own Personal Benefit?

The reason they won't tell is because she got a raise.

Anonymous said...

Mayan don't you have any sense of right and wrong?

Please don't insult us by saying you didn't know the policy the town has about playing on the computer on the internet during work hours.

You know all about how Jette was caught on the porn sites.

You seem to like to do things that put you in the spotlight.

Like when you lied about having a meeting for the Police Association that never really took place.

Copy & paste the following link to see Maryan lie to TD Banknorth about a "SPECIAL" meeting that "NEVER" took place.

Copy & paste to see Maryan get told by the AG ,she lied and tried to fool the bank and see her have to resign from the Police Association because she lied to TD Banknorth about a "SPECIAL" meeting that "NEVER" took place. Again, the person telling her to do something was from the AG's office. Ouch that must have hurt.

Third paragraph and #2.

Looks like Phillips and Roberts did the same thing that you did. So I guess you’re all liars.

Don’t you know a lie is a lie is a lie?

There aren’t good lies and bad lies.

Lies are for the purpose of not telling the truth because you have something to hide.

You lied to the bank to pull a fast one on them or so you thought.

You knew the meeting never took place and so did the AG. You got caught and so did your fellow conspirators.

You're no better than the other three.

No ethics, just more bully tactics and abuse of your power through your employer.

You thought you could get away with it because of who you are.

What were you all trying to hide when you were all lying to the bank?

What was the lie that was so important?

Are you involved in a little of the police corruption maybe?