Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Documents: Kelvin Macie Criminal Investigation and Court Ruling

If this all sounds confusing, it's because it is. If this doesn't sound logical, it's because it's not.

See NEW documents on right, CC Sheriff investigation 09-63-OF and CC Superior Court Judge decision in Reppucci lawsuit with Town. The continued lies have now forced him to APPEAL that Decision in the Supreme Court.

What's been presented by the Chief, Town, Deputy, Sheriff's Office and Court is absolute nonsense and if this involved anybody other than a police officer - It Would Not Be Going On.

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Don't be fooled into thinking - he was Cop so he had to cooperate. That's not true by any stretch. Dan Reppucci was not a cop in this investigation - he was an ordinary citizen, like you or me and he was entitled to HIS Constitutional Rights and he was entitled to an Attorney.

No truth could ever be this distorted and maligned.

Who provided the judge with the information he based his decision on?

Judge Arnold states Reppucci didn't provide evidence or even dispute the facts? So who provided this undisputed evidence? Where did it come from? Or were the facts provided by Reppucci simply overlooked because the Town's story was more believable?

How did the judge come to the conclusion that it was Mr. Reppucci's refusal to answer Deputy Kelvin Macie's questions that led to sufficient grounds for his termination? See 2nd paragraph, 2nd page. It was a criminal investigation and in fact that criminal investigation was provided as evidence to the Court.

The Judge states Reppucci refused to answer Deputy Kelvin Macie's questions. He had a right to refuse - he was being questioned in a criminal investigation - not the internal investigation the judge refers to in his ruling. See 1st page, paragraph 2.

The Judge states that Reppucci provides no factual support to his allegation that neither the WPD or Sheriff's Office followed proper rules and regulations during their investigation.

Well, is it normal and customary for the Sheriff's Department to show up at someones house for criminal investigations with an Administrative Warning for the people to sign?

Is that the protocol for police departments across our land?

If they showed up knocking on Judge Arnold's door with one, would he have willingly answered questions about anything they were asking?

How about a Chief of Police who reported a crime to that agency? Do the criminal investigations magically become internal investigations?

Hasn't the judge ever heard of due process? Or maybe he was persuaded to believe that there were so many who were against Reppucci that it must have been true he did something wrong?

See NEW documents on right, CC investigation 09-63-OF and Superior Court decision or use links below:


Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...

With this latest information one has to ask:

Why is Phillips digging his grave deeper and deeper? Why are the BOS letting him stay on? Why are the BOS letting him go on and on with his lies? Are they covering for him? Maybe those rumors about Phillips having something on each and every one of those BOS is true after all. Maybe the rumors are fact.

With this latest information, one has to wonder.

Donna said...

Part 1
After my last entry outlining how Phillips deception and lies were happening right at our house I thought I’d put a few final thoughts to paper.

There are those, like Phillips who will say that what I’ve said is untrue and that I’m just protecting Dan.

Not True. Those who know me and knew me. know I was never someone who took sides or covered up mistakes or truths or lies. It wasn’t my style.

I worked at Cheshire County for almost 11 years as the Accountant and worked with people from all the County Offices, the Sheriff’s Office and the County Attorney‘s Office to name a few. Also many state agencies, like the AG’s office. I know many of the players involved in this whole charade Phillips started.

I’m not a liar and I’m not a thief.

Neither is Dan Reppucci.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Phillips I dare you to be man enough to tell the truth. You know that sooner or later it will all come out. But you’ve already shown you aren’t a man and neither is Roberts.

I’ve seen the documents you accused Dan of stealing. It was work you assigned to him.

I know it’s a long time ago but it’s still easy enough to see that’s what it is. Do you really believe that anyone would steal information? For what purpose? Dan was the one who was reporting the crimes and violations.

You testified that Dan and Roberts were equals when they were both Sergeants, do you remember that?

No they weren’t. Not by the WPD policies.

Your policy book says something different. It says Senior Officer – A member in any given rank with the longest service in that rank.

And when Roberts was insubordinate with Dan and REFUSED to follow his orders you blew it off. Habit you had.

Dan reported this insubordination to you and said that he was getting tired of you doing nothing. Dan said you were undermining his ability to do his job and making him look bad at the Prosecutors office. Do you remember that? This on the heels of Roberts targeting other officers, like John Lovely for instance, Warren, once with the taser and once with his duty weapon, the incident at Kulick’s, the safe he wouldn’t get out of the water and the list goes on.

All this happened way before the Oral Boards.

Why would he need to steal what he already reported to you?

Your Lt lied when he said that Dan never sent the work back home. He did and there is proof of that. Is Roberts as computer illiterate as you are?

You were right when you testified you were computer illiterate, your Lt was right when he agreed with you.

Your Lt then took advantage of you being computer illiterate and lied and then he tried to cover it up, but that’s because he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Sorta like when he lied that there was never any incident involving a gun, back in Hinsdale.

You set Dan up, he was wise to you and you got caught.

You got caught because you always reminded your little pawns of what you did to your employee in Jaffrey and how you set him up by planting information in your office and how you set him up.

He got fired for that, didn’t he?

Isn’t the real truth you were afraid of Dan because he was bringing things to your attention that you didn’t want to deal with?

Donna said...

Part 2

Remember this all started because Phillips came knocking on OUR Door. He’s the one who got us to where we are today.

It’s been his manipulation, lies and cover-up all the way through.

Phillips has actually tried to justify and put in writing he was trying to be respectful when he showed up at our house at 9 pm on a work night.

Phillips said he wanted to tell Dan personally that he didn’t get the promotion.

If that’s true why did he start the conversation – and he has admitted this in writing and someday the world will get to see this also – he starts the conversation, to use his words to be respectful and put Dan at ease by saying:

“Good news, we got the cruiser but you didn’t get the job!”

Why would a boss, any boss, say something like that in the person’s own home?

How does anyone, especially someone who comes banging on someone’s door, unannounced and uninvited find that to be anything less than disrespectful, inappropriate and really quite disturbing when you realize his value of cruisers to employees.

Then Phillips tells a story that he has to stay for 2 ½ hours to calm Dan down?

The only time I remember any one having to be calmed down is when Phillips kept insisting that Dan keep doing the Lieutenants job responsibilities and Dan saying he wanted to be relieved of those duties as soon as possible. There was a lieutenant to do them and he wasn’t getting paid for that position. Phillips is the one who had to be calmed down because he kept saying he didn’t like that idea.

He kept saying Roberts couldn’t to the jobs he was doing and didn’t know how to.

If you recall you kept saying to Dan, I know you Dan, you’re a professional and you’ll see things different when you wake up the next morning, you’re a professional and you’ll do what’s right for the department. To which Dan simply said, you have a Lt. to do the Lt.’s jobs and that he would help facilitate the transfer but that he was not going to be responsible for someone else’s position now that he has officially filled that spot.

Donna said...

Part 3

To sum it all up you started this whole entire charade Phillips.

You told the Sheriff you thought someone broke into your office and stole Dan Reppucci’s letter and made copies of it and then put it back in your office.

Isn’t that what you reported? Isn’t that the crime you reported? Isn’t that what is in Macie’s report?

Dan told me and I believe him that this happened, the day you suspended him, he told you - Chief, I can get another job but I can’t get another integrity and you said to him “you’ll never get another police job”. Pretty sure of yourself, weren’t you?

A little threatening isn’t it? Did you have it out for him? Were you really looking to find out who broke into your office or were you looking for an excuse to discredit Dan so nobody would believe him?

You are the one without integrity – you can’t even follow your own rules and policies that you wrote.

Some leadership you showed there, Phillips.

Some might even think you wanted to silence him, set out to do that and just missed the mark a little. Because you haven’t silenced him by any stretch, have you?

You accused him of not being professional at our house when you said to him he should forget about the things he reported to you.

Isn’t that like a cover-up you were trying to force him into?

Dan tried to tell you the importance of following the law and not breaking it and how following the policies leads to a more productive work force and a more cooperative atmosphere. But like you said those egos always get in the way.

That’s why leadership is important, it lights the way to tame those egos.

Too bad you weren’t younger Gary, maybe you would have had a chance to learn that and actually make yourself look good. Unfortunately, your career is done and it’s going to go down with a big thud.

I believe you’ll be remembered as the Chief who tried to cover-up the truth and attacked his own people in the process.

You’re a bad seed and a very evil person. I hope you pay for all of your crimes, I hope your get exposed for what you really are and I hope that you get stopped as soon as possible.

Do you even know anything about the oath you took? Do you know anything about the law? Or even your own policies?

Anonymous said...

Chief, you don't need anyone to discredit you you do it yourself.