Friday, December 31, 2010

A Day in the Life of our local Town and County Police

A Few Representitives of Cheshire County's Law Enforcement

Representing Cheshire County Sheriff's Office, Cheshire County Dispatch, Hinsdale Police Department, EX- Winchester Cops, Ex Swanzey Cops, Ex Chesterfield Cops

Here's what they don't want you to Know or See.

They drink, they get drunk and they like to party hearty.

Trevor and Renee Croteau - Captain, Cheshire County Sheriff's Office

New Years Eve 2009

 Representing Hinsdale, is Officer Dean Wright and Cathie Blasik is Representing Cheshire County Dispatch

Representing Hinsdale Police is again Officer Dean Wright -(red shirt) hanging with Ex-Swanzey Cop, Ex Winchester Cop Rafael Rivera and Ex Swanzey Cop, Ex Winchester Cop, Ex Richmnond Cop and now Representing Cheshire County Dispatch John Melia

Rafael Rivera - fired from Swanzey Police, rumor has it, he caught got in a compromising dilema. Fired from Winchester Police for receiving sexual favors while on duty, when another officer walked in on him and his lady friend and caught him with his pants down - literally. An investigation that followed found he helped himself to some material of a ponographic nature that was really evidence taken in by the police department. He was terminated after the investigation. This can be verified by Theresa Sepe and Gary Phillips.


Feeling a little tipsy Dean?

Get those shots down girls......There's plenty more where they came from.

Cathie and Dean 

Cathie and Rafael

John and Rafael



 Group Shot -Those that can't stand, just lean or sit. Who's the Designated Driver?

Come on, have another drink and Smile, your on Candid Camera ! 

Officer Mike Bomba - Representing the Hinsdale Police Department

 Royce Pelke representing Hinsdale Police, Former Winchester Cop, Ex Chesterfield Cop
Rumored to have been Fired from there.

Rumor has it Royce was fired from Chesterfield for a theft issue. Rumor also has it he stole another officers badge.

Royce and Company

Todd Faulkner

Hinsdale Lieutenant Todd Faulkner - Hey did you do a background check on Royce? Theresa? Did you know Royce had issues in Chesterfield? Does your boss know? What about Theresa? Any background check? Rumor has it she got fired from State Police and rumor has it she spent some in a hospital in Brattleboro. 

The Hip Men from the Pelke Nuptials  

Another party time, fun time - looks like 2007 juding from the date. Officer Bomba and Officer Wright - this is Cathie Blasik from dispatch - do you copy?  

So here's just a glimpse into the lives of our local police. These cops that think they above you and me, think they are better than you and me and really some are far worse. 

What kind of ethics and integrity is there when the police continue to be friendly with cops and ex cops who clearly have questionable integrity? Isn't that like hanging out with known drug dealers?    

And this is Ex Winchester and Ex Richmond Cop Nate Jette

He is an example of a bad cop. It took awhile, but with persistance he was finally booted.


Anonymous said...

To be expected. You get what you ask for.

Anonymous said...

I Like how both blogs give us the facts. Nice to see the cops relaxing. Great job! Like the information you give on Roberts in the section above at the top of the blog. Check out those pages for lots of info. Great find from the AG’s office. Guess they’re finally gonna get involved. Hopefully we’ll get the real answers now. Like what really happened. Check out the page on top under Performance , qualifications etc and see part of some AG’s report with Roberts. Shows Roberts crappy character followed him from Hinsdale to Winchester. He’s a loser.

You've got to wonder said...

Word is that all of PD will be getting a raise in pay. You have got to hand it to Phillips.