Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheshire County Superior Court Bailiff - Bob Tebo – Caught on Video Making a Criminal Threat when he Threatens to Break a Citizens Personal Property

State of New Hampshire Employee – Robert Tebo – A Bailiff at the Cheshire County Courthouse - Speaking with Citizen #1, suddenly realizes that Citizen #2 is video recording.

He approaches Citizen #2 and puts his hand onto the lens of Citizens #2’s camera, blocking video with his hand as the audio is still recording.

Tebo – Hey, he’s got the camera on, I don’t want that on

Citizen #2 – Hey, don’t touch my equipment

Tebo – I’ll touch it,

Tebo - I’ll break it

Citizen #2 – Thanks for saying that on video

Tebo – That’s OK

Citizen #2 – You’ll break equipment?

Citizen #2 – Can you talk to me more about your desire to break people’s equipment, Do you think that’s part of your responsibilities here?

Tebo, disappears out of view of the camera

One of the last video’s shot in the Cheshire County Superior Court, before Arnold’s August 8th order banning all such equipment from the Courthouses in Keene.


One reason cited by Arnold for his wanting a ban on all media was his allegation of an out of control public creating an atmosphere of hostility and intimidation within the halls of his justice.

With all due respect, these video’s show a very different picture, one of the Courts Officer’s creating a hostile environment that clearly is using intimidation as a means of control.

If these public servants have so much fear and anxiety at the sight of a camera, a piece of equipment that does nothing more than records their actions and shares their thoughts when they speak, maybe it’s time they are ALL RETIRED. Maybe the whole lot needs to be sent to therapy so they can learn how to deal with their issues and we can be assured they can perform their duties in an appropriate manner as required by the law.

Normally people don’t have the extreme reactions as those exhibited by members of the Keene area Courts. The highly concentrated number of Court Officer’s having such extreme reactions to camera’s, an aversion to camera's so severe that threatening to break them comes so easily, shows an anomaly in the thought process that needs professional intervention.

In what is an undeniable, despicable act of aggression and a crime in the State of NH the Law that Tebo Broke: 

Section 631:4
631:4 Criminal Threatening. –
I. A person is guilty of criminal threatening when:
(c) The person threatens to commit any crime against the property of another with a purpose to coerce or terrorize any person; or
II. (b) All other criminal threatening is a misdemeanor.
III. (a) As used in this section, "property'' has the same meaning as “property of another''
(b) As used in this section, "terrorize'' means to cause alarm, fright, or dread; the state of mind induced

Tebo, sheds light by way of another example of the real reasons behind the Camera Ban in Cheshire County NH Courts.

Reasons why John Arnold, Ed Burke and the Court Officers, Bailiffs, etc. don’t want anyone intruding in “THEIR” world and exposing them and their reprehensible criminal way of conducting business by threatening, lying and bullying.

As taxpayers in this County, we not only should have a right to know what we are paying for in terms of the personnel hired by this County and State, they are obligated to transparency so that we have assurance they are acting in “OUR” best interests.

Court personnel, whether State or County who threaten citizen’s personal property or the persons themselves, for any reason, is unacceptable and inexcusable.

Where is the customer service in this County? Who is serving who? It seems we are the servants to this wanton lack of respect coming from the Courts.

Another example of Arnold’s inability to control what goes on in the Cheshire County Superior Court House.

Another reason for the NH Redress Committee to investigate the goings on here in Cheshire County.

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