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Shakeup at the Hooksett PD - Maybe the Winchester PD will be next.

A couple of interesting reads on the Hooksett Chief of Police woes. Anything look familiar?

Is the day coming that, Phillips, the Chief in Winchester will be in the headlines?

Blatantly lying to law enforcement officials and the public. Is it only a matter of time before his goose too gets cooked and then makes the news in a big way?

He’s law enforcement after all, and shouldn’t he be held accountable for his actions too?

And his second, Lt. Roberts helped him pull it off.

Old news? Perhaps. Still relevant? You betcha.

Phillips whose stories ramble on in a seemingly pathological liar way, has on numerous occasions given deliberately false, misleading, fake and untruthful information to the AG’s office and to other Town and State Agencies in an effort to conceal his actions, as if that is a defense and/or has made excuses for his participation in illegal activity, when he’s been caught in the act.

For some reason, the following actions, brought to the attention of the AG’s office have thus far protected Phillips.

The following information comes from one or more of the many reports and investigations conducted, including those conducted by the AG’s office itself, down in the town of Winchester, NH.

Of interest, the AG’s office and the other criminal investigative reports never reveal or disclose that the allegations are lies and those that brought them forward were either misinformed or lying themselves, instead they skirt around that issue and try to explain away Phillips justification for his crimes, as if that really matters.

1.) Stories such as that of Phillips and NH State Dispatcher, Eric Ammann - money changing hands, money coming from Phillips own pocket and going to Ammann's pocket, in an action that is nothing less than a bribe. What other bribes has he been involved with? On the following links you can find the truth along with the reports and documents that support the truth. Documents from the town that show Phillips lied to the AG’s. Documents from the AG’s office, with statements from Phillips made to the AG’s investigator, Tracy, that contradict both the allegations made against Phillips, the Town’s policy, the Town’s acknowledgement the money didn't come from the Town and that which Phillips told the AG’s office which was in fact true, he offered Amman money and Ammann accepted.

From the Ag’s report:

The alleged crime being investigated: “Reportedly the Chief gave Ammann $1,500.00 out of his own pocket if Ammann would take a fulltime position with the department.”

Phillips response to the AG’s questioning: “Phillips approached Eric who was working as a full time state police dispatcher reference working at Winchester on a fulltime basis. Eric was hesitant to do that as he would lose benefits he had with the state. Phillips offered Eric a $2,000 bonus to offset the loss. Eric would accept the Chief’s offer.”

The following comes from correspondence and dialogue between the Town and RTK requests:

“It is my understanding that when Eric Ammann was hired fulltime at the Winchester Police Department, the Town paid him a substantial sign on bonus.”

“Can you tell me specifically how much this additional salary cost the taxpayers?”

“I would also like to analyze the line item that shows this money being paid to him.”

“Who authorized this sign on bonus? Was this done by Selectmen’s vote? If so, can you tell me at what BOS meeting this vote took place during?”

Also, how much did Fred Ziegler or any of the other new police officers get for sign on bonuses and what line item was to record them?”

In a response from Town Administrator Joan Morel dated 10/28/10.

“The Finance Department has looked into the financial, payroll and personel files regarding your requests, and has reported back that the Town of Winchester has not authorized any sign-on bonuses for any member of the Police Department and there is no line item for this.”

An email back to the Town to ascertain there was NO misunderstanding of the information being requested:

In an email back to Morel dated 10/29/10.

“I appreciate you getting back to me on this, but this information doesn’t make sense. I have come across public records where Gary Phillips stated he offered Eric a $2,000.00 sign on bonus, to offset his loss in benefits to go to the WPD full-time and that Eric accepted that offer.”

“There must be a record of this as taxes and pension contributions would be reflected in the payment.”

“Can you please re-check the records?”

The second response from the Town Administrator:

“This is written in response to both of your concerns, namely the gym memberships and sign-on bonus.”

“As explained in my email of 10/28/10, the Finance Department has looked into the financial, payroll and personel files regarding your sign-on requests, and has reported back that the Town of Winchester has not authorized any sign-on bonuses for any member of the Police Department and there is no line item for this.”

The money didn’t come from the Town, yet Phillips told the AG’s he gave $2,000 to Ammann, he admits Ammann took the offer and Ammann said he got it via personal check belonging to Phillips.

A bribe from one cop to another cop. And covered up by the AG’s office at that.

2.) Then there is the banking fraud – again involving an investigation of the AG’s. They found Phillips to be in violation of the banking laws, yet in a sugary sweet letter glossed over that fact, probably in the hopes no one would notice.

From page 1:

“We reviewed documents and other material provided to this Department alleging illegal activity that resulted in the removal of certain officers in the Winchester Police Association, the installment of successor officers, and changes in control and custody of the Winchester Police Association bank account. Our Findings….”

Page 2:

“The following receipt of these reports allegations of illegal activity were presented to the Attorney General Director of Charitable Trusts as follows:

• “The Treasurer of the Winchester Police Association, Daniel Reppucci, was removed from the office in violation of the by-laws”

• “Acting Treasurer, Gary A Phillips, removed the Treasurer’s name from the associations bank account and substituted Gary A Phillips and Christopher Roberts as signers on said account without proper authorization and in violation of the by-laws which require a meeting of the membership be called and a secret ballot held to elect new officer’s”

• “Chief Gary A Phillips, Acting Treasurer, Christopher Roberts, Vice-President” (not included in this decision, but an interesting note that is established in the investigation is that Roberts promoted himself to President at the same time Phillips promoted himself to Acting-Treasurer) “and Maryan Platz, Secretary failed to follow the requirements of the bylaws of the Winchester Police Association, in (1) not following proper procedure in order to call a special meeting of the members; (2) nor following the provision of the bylaws in replacing the Treasurer with an Acting Treasurer, an office not authorized in the bylaws; and (3) utilizing a document called “Certificate of Resolution of a Corporation” which references a meeting of the Winchester Police Association that did not conform to the requirements of the bylaws and which ultimately led to the removal of the duly elected Treasurer, Daniel Reppucci’s name from the associations checking account at TD Banknorth.”

“Based upon a review of the allegations the Attorney General Charitable Trust Unit has concluded Gary A Phillips, Christopher Roberts, and Maryan Platz did not follow the bylaws of the Winchester Police Association in electing new officers and in changing the authorized names on the associations bank account and hereby requires the following corrective actions be taken…..”

They didn’t follow the law when they changed the authorized names on the associations bank account?

That means they broke the law. Pure and simple. You can’t present a bank with false, fake and fraudulent documents just because you want someone’s name off a bank account. It’s illegal and against the law.

There are legal mechanisms in place for changing and removing authorized signers on bank accounts and Phillips again, chose to bypass the law in favor of breaking it.

Guilty. The Chief of Police and his Second in command found guilty. Found Guilty of Breaking the Law, Guilty when they gave TD Banknorth fraudulent paperwork for the purpose of causing the change of authorized names on a bank account, not belonging to them, by using an unauthorized means.

Since this investigation was ongoing at the same time the AG’s criminal Investigator Dick Tracy was also conducting his investigation and was made aware of this “other” investigation, one wonders why he didn’t elaborate or include the findings in his report?

He quietly alludes to it, alludes to knowing criminal activity has been alleged, even gets an email from the Charitable Trust Unit. But he ignores it. Wonder why?

These pesty, pesty cover-ups aren’t so covered up anymore. And they speak volumes in a very unkindly way about those that we entrusted to protect us from the scum of the earth and the bad guys. We find out it’s them that we really have to watch out for.

3.) Lastly we’ll use the Phillips got caught lying about the criminal investigation he asked the Cheshire County Sheriff’s office to conduct, as a way to get back at Reppucci as the final example of Phillips perpetual lies. Reported to the Sheriff’s Dept, someone had broken into Phillips office and stolen some documents off his desk. And then made copies. And then returned them secretly with no one knowing. All this in the Sheriff's report.

Caught lying in testimony, we hear him as he testifies under oath, in his own words a big fat lie.

We hear as Phillips lies and it reinforces the idea that perhaps he had an ulterior motive to frame Reppucci as a way to get rid of him.

After all, investigating a break-in and a theft from the police station. A break in at the police department that doesn’t make the newspapers? A crime reported by the Chief of Police, occurring in his own police dept office and the newspapers don’t pick up on that?

Phillips testimony:

And what did you do with that concern?

“With that concern it was a a, kinda a tough situation because it’s somethin’, there would, there would, I couldn’t really investigate it thoroughly because they would cry bias, no matter what I did, investigate it somewhat within, ah you would routinely, what they call farming out or you would ask another agency to investigate a case for you when it’s a member of your own organization, ah that’s committed an offense and then I think it was July 9th , ummm, Dectective Macie came to the police department to interview Sgt. Reppucci to find out, ya know, what he knew about this document and then the first time I told him he needs to answer the questions posed to him by Detective, umm, by Deputy Macie and he told me that he’d answer the questions but only after he had a chance to talk with his attorney and that’s when I told him that it’s not a criminal investigation, it’s an internal investigation, involving an administrative charge”

Really Phillips?

How come the letter Sheriff Foote wrote to Reppucci, states it was a criminal investigation Deputy Macie was there to conduct? In fact, the letter says the Sheriff’s Dept hadn’t conducted any internal investigations at Winchester.

“I am in receipt of your request for documents related to investigation report #09-63-OF. The investigation in question is a criminal investigation. It is not an internal investigation. In 2009 the Cheshire County Sheriff’s Office was not requested to nor did it conduct any internal investigations on you or any other member of the Winchester Police Department."

And how come the Deputy’s criminal investigation shows it was a Misdemeanor crime that was being investigating and not that of an administrative violation as he testified to?

Right under the Confidential Marking, you can see plain as day they were investigating a crime, a Misdemeanor to be exact. It certainly and clearly does not say they were investigating an administrative charge as Phillips testifies to when giving his false and fraudulent testimony under oath.

And why is there an investigation conducted by Phillips, that’s called an internal investigation being conducted by Phillips? Where in it, he refers to the criminal investigation the Sheriff’s dept is conducting. A criminal investigation into the chain of custody of the document he alleges was stolen from office and that he reported as stolen to the Sheriff’s Dept.

Hmmm. Is it possible yet another lie has been uncovered?

Is Phillips trying to combine two separate and distinctly different investigations into one so he can cover his lies to unsuspecting listeners, while he was attempting to stack the deck against one of his employees, after that employee had recently learned of criminal activity Phillips was both involved in and had covered up? Criminal activity he had reported.

Fact: Phillips testified he told Reppucci he had to cooperate in the Sheriff’s investigation or he would suspend him, telling Reppucci he had to cooperate in a criminal investigation, ordering him to answer questions of a criminal investigator, conducting an investigation into a crime, thus illegally ordering Reppucci to violate his Constitutional Rights – Miranda.

Fact: As we heard in the testimony of Phillips, his testimony is clear, Phillips testified he told Reppucci the investigation of the Sheriff’s was an internal investigation and not a criminal investigation.


Phillips has changed his story and testimony so many times it’s likely he doesn’t even know the truth. Every time he’s confronted with a fact that doesn’t fit into the story he has told he changes the story to fit the fact.

And this guy is an authority figure with powers over us? Scary stuff.

Was Phillips looking for a lynching or to get to the truth?

Fact: Phillips has a pattern of lying and he doesn’t care to whom.

Phillips can't hide behind - it's just a couple of disgruntled ex employees anymore. There's too much information, too much proof and too many credible documents that aren't in his favor.

The questions become;  

Is Phillips a complete  moron who doesn’t know the law or a complete moron who knows it but doesn’t give a damn if he doesn’t abide by it?

Maybe he’s both.

Either way there is no room in law enforcement for people like this and exposing them is the best way and the quickest way to getting rid of them. The sooner we get them off the streets the better off we’ll all be.

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