Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Leadership in the Winchester Police Department ..... Chris Roberts makes a formal complaint against himself and asks that he be investigated.....the Chief honors the request and agrees to an investigation...........

The Chief of Police, Phillips orders an investigation after Roberts makes a complaint about himself, specifically the complaint was that he was rude. (See letter.) Roberts made this complaint after he accused another officer of spreading lies and rumors about him. 

Bizarre? You bet. Waste of taxpayer money? You bet. Unprofessional police department making too much money? You bet.

Both an embarrassment to Winchester and the Law Enforcement profession as a whole? You bet.

Here’s how it all goes down.

Roberts accuses one of the officers of spreading lies and rumors about him.

Phillips decides a formal internal investigation is appropriate under the circumstances and initiates the process.

Another concocted story by Phillips and Roberts to target an employee.

Another example of a corrupt Winchester police department. Excuse upon excuse upon excuse for bad cops covering up for each other.


Here is the complaint written by Chris Roberts about himself.

Leadership in Winchester is just below the surface of the roads we travel on. That’s not good for any of us.


??????????? said...

Hear the Chief Of Police has been suspended, anyone know why?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused, this makes no sense and yet it is before my eyes. Roberts and Phillips both called or talked to the marshal before Roberts wrote the complaint against himself and supposedly he didn't do anything wrong. It can't be just left at that?

And wouldn’t this be construed as interfering in an investigation? You first make calls and then line your ducks up in what you think is a row and then make a complaint about yourself figuring that you’ll come out smelling like a rose?

Why the hell did Roberts make the complaint after the fact and why the hell did Phillips authorize an investigation?

Are they both in need of psychiatric help? They are making complaints against themselves?

The selectmen ought to order them both to have psychiatric evaluations immediately. They both should be immediately put on administrative leave, pending the outcome.

With loose cannons like this maybe the selectmen ought to reevaluate buying bullet proof vests for the police department and buy them for the public and themselves instead.

What is wrong with these selectmen? To find out they have known about this all along is terrible.

MY OPINION said...

Everything is hush-hush unless the PD wants to make a statement. Someone did there best to totally destroy Mr. Johnson from Hinsdale. He messed up big time, but no one else would have gotten this much news coverage. Looks like ether Roberts or Sepe don't like him much.