Sunday, January 1, 2012

There are all kinds of people fighting hard every day to protect the rights of all us and they contribute in all sorts of different ways……this is one way people are fighting for our rights and they deserve recognition for doing so…………

You don’t have to agree with these people’s ideas to understand they have rights just like anyone else is supposed to have. You don’t have to agree with them period, they have rights.

Can Cheshire County's Dick Foote and his yes man Trevor Croteau ban people from the courthouse when they have done nothing wrong and the only reason is because Foote doesn’t agree with their ideas?

What authority does Foote even have to act on behalf of the County? Just because he’s Sheriff does that mean it’s his county?

Have the commissioners met and come up with a policy that Dick Foote runs the county?

Have they come up with a new policy banning certain people from county property because of their ideas?

Who is Foote speaking for anyway? Himself? The Sheriff’s department? The State? The county attorney’s office?

Where’s Peter Heed in all this? How come he isn’t out there explaining the legalities of this? How come he isn’t out there telling these people that the County Attorney’s office will be more than willing to prosecute anyone arrested for these so called offenses?

How come he isn’t out there with Foote and explaining the County Policy and the laws of the state so everyone is on the same playing field?

And isn’t this a conflict of interest? The County Sheriff’s department arresting someone on county property and that person going through the county court system?

How come the Keene police aren’t there? State Police?

Maybe because they refuse to get involved because they know that this is just another bogus attempt to cover up Foote’s ABUSE of POWER and ABUSE of AUTHORITY?

As a police officer an oath is taken to protect peoples rights and yet these people cross the line to violate the very rights they are supposed to protect.

Foote has a history of abusing his power and thumbing his nose at anyone who crosses his path and interferes with his agenda.

The right to ones own opinion and free speech are protected by the laws. Disagreeing is protected by the law. Denying that right is ABUSE OF POWER.

Too many questions – no legitimate answers.

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Anonymous said...

So the cops have authority to interpret the laws now. Interesting.