Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Chris Roberts WPD Lieutenant makes a formal complaint against himself and asks the Chief to investigate him

Winchester has NO Leadership in the Winchester Police Department .....

Leadership in Winchester is just below the surface of the roads we travel on. That’s not good for any of us.

The complaint written and signed by Chris Roberts himself.


Anonymous said...

No surprise to hear of Roberts doing something like this. He was bound to get caught sooner or later. It just should have been decades ago.

Anonymous said...

Nothing anyone hears in regards to the Winchester Pollice Station is surprising! Cops who report themselves for misconduct, officers who sue their own police stations, officers who have nothing better to do other than harass the public! Probably the best thing would be to get rid of all of these morons- start fresh bet there would be a real difference in whats important in Winchester! Bet tax payers would see a big difference in the money that they spend on these morons to sit around and do nothing worth the towns money!! Ban the pigs in Winchester!!

Anonymous said...

Sadly..Reppucci was probably one of the most professional and educated police officers Winchester has ever had. Breau, himself, was also a very professional man when it came to his work. Kind of funny how the other police officers were instructed not to talk to Breau or Reppucci during their so called "investigation". Does the chief really have that much power that he can instruct the other officers to lie to these 2 to save his ass? And why?? Because Breau and Reppucci were a little more educated than the rest of the morons who do as the chief says? Is this how small town politics operate? We, as taxpayers, pay these morons their paychecks...and that's all we do because they do not earn what they make! Funny how the chief decides who is eligible for over time...does it depend on who's kissing more ass as to who gets it? There is a lot that is covered up at this police station and it would be great if an investigation was done at such a random time that the chief wouldn't be prepared or any of his lying officers! Someone should get to the bottom of the bullshit that is allowed and covered up at this station. Someone should realize where the tax payers money in this town is wasted...let's not pull money from the school budget...we have children that need to be educated...let's pull taxpayers money from the uneducated officers in town who waste our money!

Anonymous said...

So let's put Robert's in charge of investigating Fisher for his unprofessional, shady police work...seriously Roberts...call the people who are witnesses and try to convince them to file a police report against the one who filed the complaint...nice try! Too bad even the younger generations in town can recognize your unprofessional actions and corrupt behavior! Are you going to buy this person dinner if they give you a statement too? Are you going to call someone and threaten them and call a few days later and try to pin it on the person you're seeking? Fisher would! Are you going to make the promises Fisher did to get individuals to lie for you? Are you going to hand out people's past criminal recors like Fisher has done? Are you going to go to the town hall and use peoples tax records as a mode of interrogation? Talk about some bogus police behavior! Are you going to start telling the people what an uneducated educated individual you are? Did you have to make flashcards to pass the police academy too? One would think an investigation about ones lies wouldn't be done by another lying cop...funny stuff going on in that building. Anyways...nice try dummy..and so long Fisher! Hopefully Swanzey will see Fishers true colors before their town has lawsuits against them!

Crooked Police said...

Just like crooked Roberts and crooked Phillips covering up for crooked Jette. Same scenario, And, that dust hasn’t even begun to settle yet. Crooked Roberts does the investigation, lies in his reports about what really happens. To cover for crooked Jette of course. And crooked Phillips signs off with fingers crossed and a blessing.

My, my, my crooked Phillips what a crooked web you weave. This time you have crooked Roberts covering for crooked Fisher.

You should consider putting a shingle on the door. It could say Crooked Police and how to Cover –up Corruption if you want to run a Crooked PD, a quick course sponsored by the Crooked Police of Winchester. Dirty Deeds Done Cheap.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 6pm.Can you be a little more specific? Time frame? Is there an incident number? Date? Copy of the complaint? Who made the complaint? Names of some questioned by the police? Please post or maybe email the blog. There are people willing to dig and search and make right to know requests to get information. Just point to the direction, the post is too vague.

Anonymous said...


Anybody know anything about this?

Reppucci v. Winchester Police Department et al

Plaintiff: Daniel Reppucci

Defendants:Cheshire County, Cheshire County Sheriff's Department, Richard A Foote, Kelvin Macie, Gary A Phillips, Christopher Roberts, Unknown Employees, Winchester Police Department and Winchester, Town of

Case Number:1:2012cv00316

Filed: August 16, 2012

Court:New Hampshire District Court

Office: Concord Office

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights - Other Civil Rights

Cause: 28:1331 Federal Question: Other Civil Rights

Jury Demanded By: Plaintiff