Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cop Watch: Players around the State who have Conspired To Cover up the Truth

Richard Tracy - Criminal Investigator - NH Attorney General's Office

Paul Brodeur - Criminal Investigator - NH Attorney General's Office

Richard A Foote - Sheriff - Cheshire County Sheriff's Office

Trevor Croteau - Captain - Cheshire County Sheriff's Office

Attorney Barton Mayer – Upton & Hatfield, Concord, NH. - Representing the Town

Attorney Biron Bedard – Ransmeier & Spellman, Concord, NH. - Representing the Police Department

Attorney Brian J S Cullen – CullenCollimore, Nashua, NH. - Representing the Town and Police Department

Attorney Kevin G Collimore – CullenCollimore, Nashua, NH. - Representing the Town and Police Department

Attorney Erik G Moskowitz - Gallagher, Callahan & Gartrell, Concord, NH, GCGLAW - Representing the Town and Police Department

These people have been given the opportunity to investigate and expose criminal wrongdoing at the Winchester Police Department and in fact have been asked to do so by persons who have concrete proof of this activty - yet they choose to ignore these people.

Why, would that be you ask?

We don't have the reason for each individual's resistance to not uphold the laws they were sworn to uphold but we do have the documented proof of the stonewalling and quite frankly, blatant disregard, to protect and honor the United States Constitutional Rights and the New Hampshire State Constitutional Rights we are all entitled to.

Documents will follow


Welcome said...

Welcome to this new blog and feel free to leave your comments.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks. The taser probe was successfully removed from the victim's chest. The probe removal procedure was recorded for evidentiary and litigation purposes. Stay tuned for further information.

Now let’s all play a guessing game. Who do you think the officer was who forgot to remove the taser probe?

Cop looking In .... said...

Nate Jette is a ROGUE cop who doesn’t deserve to put himself in the same class as honest, integrity driven cops. As a cop he’s a disgrace, as an person he is an embarrassment to us all.

Afraid to say name...... said...

Jette has been on Facebook, shift after shift, week after week, month after month, year after year sharing his comments and opinions unchecked by any of the people in charge down at the WPD. I’ve seen it myself and wondered how he was getting away with it.

Anonymous said...

Can I ask why he is a Rogue cop? Does he not complete investigations, arrest people, keep criminals off the street? If he is not doing this than I say take it up with the big dogs. If its about surfing the web once in a while.. Please People.....

Anonymous said...

Please, in my job, I am on facebook also! My work gets done and issues are solved.. I think this is being so exaggerated for personal issues against Nate... Seems like he has a LYNCH mob after him....

Anonymous said...

If you think it’s OK to pay someone to goof off at work and surf the web and not do their job you are just as nuts as he is. You can pay for my share of taxes that goes for this guys salary and benefits too. Morons.

Anonymous said...

The cops that beat Rodney King weren’t “Rogue” cops either, but how many people think what they did was right?

Anonymous said...

If he kept going on the internet after he was warned he should be fired.

Anonymous said...

The posts on Jettes facebook have been shared with 1,000’s and 1,000’s of people – NOT JUST HIS FRIENDS. 1,000’s of people have been able to see and read what this guy who calls himself a cop has had to say and to who he has said it to. This include his other cop friends. Or are they?

Racist remarks, complaining about working in an office and then saying you won’t work until the AC gets fixed? Why doesn’t he just turn on a fan instead of whining. If you look at the accounting records you’ll see Phillips bought some fans a few years ago. The work conditions aren’t what he would like us to believe.

Where can you get a job that you can be on Facebook and all over the internet hours on end and complain to 1,000’s about your job, making derogatory comments about your employer, while on their time, getting paid for it while you are doing it and then getting away with? Stealing time from your employer is like robbing a bank. No matter how you look at it’s stealing, but the complaining part as you’re doing the stealing, how stupid can you be? We don’t need stupid cops, we need smart ones who know what their job and their place is.

Just a Guess said...

It appears he is being called a Rogue cop because he doesn’t follow the law.

what a mess said...

Wouldn't you call his conduct detrimental to law enforcement? Someone in a position of authority, especially a police officer has to show honesty and integrity 24/7 in order to be respected by the public and his fellow peers. Goofing off, stealing, lieing and acting in such an unprofessional manner is cause for immediate dismissal. That his commanding officer(s) do nothing speaks volumes as to what kind of a police force Winchester has and what kind of fools you have running that town. Looks like you have bigger fish to fry and more problems than you can shake a stick at.ssm

Anonymous said...

Attorney Cullen is a mob lawyer and in this case, the mob just happens to wear a badge and a gun. I have evidence that he unlawfully conspired with the rogue and racist Newton NH Chief of Police Lawrence Streeter and corrupt Plaistow Prosecutor Jill Cook to suppress and fraudulently conceal exculpatory evidence that would have impeached the testimony of a former Newton PD who not only lied, but tamepered with his official report. An EMT report was withheld from me for 5 years only to surface in another case I had against the Town of Newton.

I have filed a grievance againsgt him with the NH Professional Conduct Committee, but they are just as fraudulent as the NH court system. Although the charges were dismissed against me and the record of arrest was annulled, the Newton PD and Cullen continued to argue I committed an assault while holding onto the one piece of evidence that contradicted the officers testimony and observations. The prosecutor twice failed to produce the witness against me, so I was denied the opportunity to prove my actual innocence. It certainly didn't help that the one piece of evidence that would have supported my claims of innocence ws never turned over to me in the criminal trial or my subsequent civil law suit against the Town of Newton.

I worked in the law enforcement and criminal justice system for 27 years.

Ralph Holder
Master of Arts, Criminal Justice
Justice of the Peace
State of New Hampshire

Anonymous said...

Criminal Investigators from the NH Attorney Generals Office, G. Michael Bahan, John Hannigan and Asst AG James Boffetti are sweating out a potentially damaging ruling by the First Circuit Court of Appeals for making a First Amendment retaliatory arrest because I openly criticize the Brentwood Family Court and NHSJC racist ruling sending my son to school in anotherstate because of his African American race and skin color.
The charges against me that I criminally threatend the NH U.S. Attorney and the NH Professional Conduct Committee resulted in my acquittal at the end of the State's case. I did not even have to put on a defense. The State has tried to invoke a claim of Sovereign Immunity to avoid liability and their participlation in a malicious smear campaign to undeermine my character, reputation and credibiity. These fools acted under color of law to violate my fedeerally protected activities/18 USC 245 opposing the court's discriminatory denial of my son's right to attend public school in the State of NH because of his race and skin color. The Governor, AG Ayotte, US Attorney Colantouno, FBI, U.S. Marshals and the NH Judicial Branch sought to help convict me of a crime I did not commit. Its apparent that the take grave exception to a knowledgeable and outspoken African American who will not tolerate anyone infringing upon his constitutional and fundamental parental rights. You might ask yourself and the NHSJC why is there no published opinion of this case and why the media has not publicized this matter? They wanted to avoid a public backlash and legislative scrutiny over this issue of state sponsored racism.

Boffetti, Bahan and Hannigan should be seriously start to become worried that I might hire someone to come over to measure for drapes. It would be even more devastating win against then since I acted Pro Se.

Ralph Holder
Master of Arts, Criminal Justice
Justice of the Peace
State of New Hampshire