Thursday, May 27, 2010

A sample of WPD Police Sgt Jette's Facebook Entries made by him, While on Duty and getting Paid with our Tax $$$$

For those who do not know Sgt Jette, he uses Sgt stripes as his profile picture , here is a picture of him, courtesy of his Facebook site.

Did the Town of Winchester and specifically Chief Gary A Phillips give this officer clearance to post pictures belonging to the police department to his own personal Facebook site?

The following email was sent to Bob Gray at the Winchester Town Hall:

date Thu, May 27, 2010 at 5:18 PM
subject Nate Jette - Facebook

Dear Mr. Gray,

Find attached some recent entries on Nate Jette's facebook. Jette Facebook: Comments from his Wall

May 26, 2010 – copied from Jette’s FACEBOOK - these comments are from the last shift, last night – both in the office and from his BLACKBERRY.

This is not the first time Jette has been disciplined for using the town computer for personal use while on the job.

Theresa Sepe did an internal investigation on Nate Jette and two other officer’s who are no longer with the department – this was under Gary Phillips watch and they were investigated and found to be going on Internet Pornography sites while on duty.

Nate Jette therefore can not say he was never warned of the Town policy on internet use.

I am appalled that this is happening in my town and he needs to be terminated immediately, this is theft of time from the town taxpayers.

The people are demanding an immediate action on this, he needs to be removed from his job and duties – he can not be trusted and we can not guarantee that this will not go to the media.

Several people have been monitoring his face book page, as well as other town employee facebook pages for months.

This wasn’t by accident that this has come to light and we want to see how our selectmen are going to handle it.

It won’t behoove the selectmen to sweep this under the carpet.

Remember this happened under the supervision of Chris Roberts and Gary Phillips and this is unacceptable.

The veracity of this email is just a tip of the iceberg.

Nate Jette posts on May 26, 2010, while on duty at the WPD and on our tax dollar.


Anonymous said...

This is an outrage. How come you don’t hear of this in the other towns around here? You don’t hear about this in Swanzey, you don’t hear about it in Hinsdale or Keene or Troy. What are we paying Chief Phillips for? This negative publicity has been going on for what seems like an eternity. It’s time for this guy to go. He obviously makes bad decisions and it seems like he’s making one bad decision after another and they are getting worse. Selectmen, get rid of him, we can’t afford this guy!

Nate Jette visiting Porn sites? said...

I hope they took control of his computer and searched the entire thing and made copies of all the websites he has been on, before, during and after the entries on his facebook page. He needs to be fired from this town. Porn sites on the taxpayers dime? How dare the selectmen let this cop keep working after being caught on pornography sites while at work. What the hell is wrong with this town, the people who run it and the people in charge? Do none of them care or have a brain cell left in their pea brains?

Anonymous said...

To clarify a few things, Jette along with other officers who are no longer with WPD were investigated by Theresa Sepe a few years ago for going to pornographic sites. In this instance, Jette has been utilizing his time while on duty and on the town's dime to blog on FACEBOOK. This is unacceptable and subpar behavior especially when Jette has had this problem in the past. The Blogging on the job by Jette has caused him to get caught with his "proverbial" pants down. The questions to ponder to this dilemma are how long will he be employed under this regime? And What wil be his excuse or justification? Plain & Simple...there are no justifyable
explanations for Jette's behavior and he needs to be given his walking papers. In a nut shell. Fire his ass!!!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks. The taser probe was successfully removed from the victim's chest. The probe removal procedure was recorded for evidentiary and litigation purposes. Stay tuned for further information.

Now let’s all play a guessing game. Who do you think the officer was who forgot to remove the taser probe?

Anonymous said...

From the Winchester Town Policies

H. page 14

OTHER misuses of the town internet policy include, but are not limited to, ethnic slurs, racial comments ……or other non-work related matters.

"Nate Jette Got some good sun and some dirt at ATV training today. With my face caked in dust I was told by some people that I looked Mexican........Didnt know how to reply to that......Dirty Sanchez??? Nate de Cop on aaa Steeeek? El piggy?"

May 26 at 3:08pm • View Feedback (4)Hide Feedback (4)

This is an offensive racial and ethnic slur. Since he is a cop and also makes these statements can he possibly make proper decisions when he deals with people face to face. Or is he the type of cop who likes to target and profile people for his own pleasure?

Nate Jette needs to be fired and his direct supervisors - Chief Phillips and lt Roberts need to be disciplined for not knowing what is going on.

If this guy was disciplined for and found to be on pornography sites during work hours at the very least they should have been checking his computer regularly to make sure he wasn’t doing something wrong.

Guessing Game Answer said...

Gary Phillips?

Anonymous said...

This guy has a pattern, should have been being watched and needs to get fired.

Do you see the pattern? said...

The Chief of Police Gary Phillips and the Lt Christopher Roberts have allowed this to go on and on without even an attempt to stop it. If this can be exposed outside the Police Dept, how the hell was is not found when the damn computer is in the police department? What are all those policies the town supposedly has for anyway? 1st hand information that this guy is a thief, a liar and has no problem breaking the law and Roberts & Phillips continuing to allow this, it must be because they have to cover up their own devious actions and hope nobody notices. The cats out of the bag now.

easy guess said...

Its been alleged for years that the PD is not the only dept. watching Porn.

Anonymous said...

Don't Forget He Works In Richmond Too

Anonymous said...

Another lawsuit - how predictable is that?

Anonymous said...

Jesus People!! You act like he has killed someone! He visited some adult web sites... PLEASE... If you can prove he is not doing his job in investigations, as a sargent, on patrol.. Than I say take it up with the selectman.. Slap him hard when it comes to the web sites but having the guy fired!! Maybe Winchester doesnt deserve a great guy like Nate Jette working for them keeping bad people off the street. Why was Winchester sued the last time??.. Wrongful termination.. By the way, what does him working for Richmond also have to do with anything?

Game Host said...

It wasn't Phillips who forgot to recover the taser probe but Phillips should have questioned the officer.

A L.E.O.'s perspective. said...

To the May 30, 2010 1:50
Get your head out of your ass!!! How would you like it if you were in need of emergency assistance and your only officer on duty was busy on porn sites? Is it ok for a public servant to post sexists jokes and racial comments on Facebook while on duty? Furthermore, if this is not such a big deal to you answer this. How do you suggest this JERK Jette list visiting porn sites on his patrol log.? 1200- 2:00 surfing porn sites. Jesus...this officer investigates sex crimes and deals with the public...don't you get it you idiot!!!??? I wonder how you would like it if one of your employees was on porn sites or Facebook instead of doing his or her job? Bottom dollars are not for personal calls, Facebook communication or porn sites they are for paying professionals who believing in doing their job ethically and morally. Talk to Royce Pelkey (if he has the nerve) about Jette. More than once when Pelkey was Jette’s supervisor he got frustrated over Jette’s performance and wanted him fired. What is even more disgusting is Rafael River also had problems with Jette , yet he congratulates Jette on his promotion and Jette thanks Rafael for all he taught him. What a double standard! What did you learn from Rafael Jette, how to “get some” on the job? To all the officers who worked with Jette and left the department, SPEAK UP!!! Enough is Enough!

Anonymous said...

Wasn’t Phillips just whining about needing more cops. Well I guess we now know why

Time to Clean Up the PD said...

How many chances do you give someone who has already been warned? It’s not OK to steal time from the taxpayers. That’s what he’s doing if he’s surfing the web and on Facebook. He already got slapped hard, he didn’t learn. It’s time for him to go.

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd pass this on. Officer Jette tased Danny Black with a taser and then never checked to make sure he removed all the probes.

One was left in him.

Danny Black had to have the probe surgically removed and there is a video of it.

He's been after Danny Black right along.

Sorry to Danny and his family for the pain and problems this town let happen to him.

Anonymous said...

I’m sure when the Selectmen find out he has been abusing the internet policy they’ll know why Phillips needed more people.

Anonymous said...

I read about this on Rants and Raves on Craigslist about this cop.

After going through some of the blogs I’ve decided I’ll make sure I never go through Winchester and only around it just to be on the safe side and I’ll make sure to tell everyone I know.

Maybe you ought to think about getting rid of him. Sounds like he shouldn't have a badge or a gun.

Now to read Jette didn't have a probe removed. Why? If that's true big problems there. It seems there were plenty of red flags for this cop.

Seems like a lot of questions need to be asked and then answered.

No Surprise said...

The taser company is giong to shit when they hear about this. What the hell was that cop thinking leaving a piece of metal in someone's chest? Who was the supervisor who reviewed the report? Didn't someone ask the cop where the other probe was? Holy shit this is going to cost the town a lot of money!!!! Is this cop allowed to carry a taser anymore? Isn't Theresa Sepe a taser instructor? Has anyone asked her questions or got her opinion? This cop is the laughing stock of police officers making WPD look like a three ring circus. Is this cop still training new officers? If he is he and town are a liable for his actions. Didn't he have excessive force issues in his personnel file? Why was it Keene PD didn't hire him? Maybe someone should ask KPD to see this cop's background investigation. So many questions that need answers?

Intrigued said...

Stay tuned - video will be coming out soon.

Not confident about police said...

Winchester has a reputation for protecting the perpetrators and not the victims.

The police department does not have a postive reputation with Cheshire County Court system either. There is only one officer that is an advocate towards women's issues - Jim Fischer. The rest are worthless. Instead of using their professional training, they rely on their own personal experiences as abusers.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this guy have a clue that we all can read what he posts? At least he doesn't have to rent a billboard. Our tax dollars at work.

Some one has to step up and suggest that he follow the rules. Chief............

Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to praise these bozos of WPD. Rest assured, each of these bozos has an ajenda that benefits them and them only including Fisher. Fisher is in the thick of it or else he would come forward against his fellow officers. The trick is to know where the loyalty lies.

can't figure you people out said...

I pity you poor people in Winchester. Crooked cops, crooked selectmen and a town full of idiots who won't stand up for themselves and seek justice, what a bunch of fools you are to stand for this kind of stuff. Are you all deaf dumb and blind? Get off your lazy asses and take matters into your own hands and start calling your local representatives to get the state involved in an investigation of the whole lot of those crooked bastards. It's your town, your tax dollars and your reputations that those bozos are ruining and wasting. Stop complaining and do something!

Anonymous said...

It's sad when IT'S NOT THE OFFICIALS that make WINCHESTER look bad IT's THE town folk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These issues have been around way longer than Nate has been around. Leave the guy alone........

Connect the dots said...

Stop complaining and do something? The AG has been contacted regarding numerous issues involving WPD. The B.O.S. met last Wednesday about Jette's Facebook comments (they were given hard copies of jette's Facebook comment by a citizen) to decide what actions they are to take against this moron of a cop. Obviously nothing is going to happen as jette is still working and training the new officer.As Elmer Fudd would say...something screwy is going around here!!!

Anonymous said...

To June 11, 2010 9:38 post. It your kind of mentality that fosters this type of conduct within the town and its departments. This isn't a trick question. Are you ignorant, stupid or both? Jette admitted to taking property that was not his. In lay-mans terms, there are laws that prohibit officers from taking what is not theirs. In Nate's case, he took a bike from the impound lot, therefore, the bike could not be his even if he was allowed to take it by his then Sgt. Rivera. Nate admitted to destroying drugs and paraphernalia. Todd Kilanski's wife was screwed by him. Jette falsified a firearms report and signed an unauthorized petition. While on duty in Richmond, Jette confronted Brian Jordan who was with his elderly mother and in front of store employees in the Richmond store and accused Brian of something he did not do. Jette chased a woman in his personal vehicle for 13 miles to her home and gave her a hard time because she was going too fast. She was so scared that she wrote a formal complaint to the chief of Fitzwilliam. Jette drove his green Suburban around town for several months while uninspected (check the inspection sticker for the issue date). Nate falsified a report involving the logging in of evidence. (several copies of the report are still in existence) Jette made racist, sexist and negative remarks about his promotion and department on FaceBook, on duty and on the taxpayer's dime. If change and accountability are what the citizens want, the citizens of Winchester must act instead of sitting on their backsides waiting for good things to happen. As for the person who posted earlier...get a GPS, A Rand McNally map book, a professional guide or a seeing eye dog to bring you back to reality. I ask you this question: Would you really trust Nate Jette with your life, wife, sister or your family's life and welfare? Think long and hard before you answer that one.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I do trust Nate Jette! I do know is Wife and I know him well. I think that this is a Lynch Mob and the town folk are not going to stop until they hang him. I am not sure what you mean about todd Kilanski's wife being screwed by him? I also Know her!! I am not ignorant or stupid! I am quite intellegent and I do live in reality. I just think Winchester is looking for someone to blame for all of thier issues..... AND If Others have copies of his facebook page THAT IS STEALING!

Very DisGruntled Taxpayer said...

To: Anonymous said...
It's sad when IT'S NOT THE OFFICIALS that make WINCHESTER look bad IT's THE town folk!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These issues have been around way longer than Nate has been around. Leave the guy alone........

June 11, 2010 9:38 PM

Let's take a minute and suppose that you get some other people to agree with your logic.

If I understand you correctly, you are saying leave Jette alone because he got caught doing something he shouldn't have been doing?

Or is it:

If I understand you correctly, you are saying leave Jette alone because he was stupid enough to do something wrong in the first place?

Or is it:

If I understand you correctly, you are saying leave Jette alone because other people have broken the law so he thinks he is entitled to also?

Or is it:

If I understand you correctly, you are saying leave Jette alone because not doing ones job at the taxpayers expense is OK in your book, I guess because for people like you change is too hard so it's better to keep making the same mistakes over again because the more you make them the easier it gets?

Or is it:

If I understand you correctly, you are saying leave Jette alone because he's a cop and it's OK for cops to steal from their employer, you know the people who pay the taxes?

You must be his mother or some other relative sticking up for him.

Jette isn't a good cop, he's a bad cop.

He's a crooked cop.

He's a cop that lies and steals.

And his superior officers let it happen.

I tried to understand your logic and even tried to sell your idea around town, but no one bought in.

The honest, hard working people don't think it's OK to do what Jette does and think if you can't figure that out you ought to try getting arrested while he’s on duty.

If you're lucky you won't get hurt or something like that.

Watching and Waiting for Change said...

To the anonymous poster @ June 12, 2010 5:30 PM

that thinks the town is after jette as a scapegoat - don't think too hard on that one.

He really has done all that he is accused of.

I'm sure nobody's looking to burn Jette for all the towns problems, just the town's problems he participated in.

As to the Facebook? You must not be too computer literate.

If you post on the internet people can save it, print it, email it, you name it.

Haven't you heard the warnings the Police put out?

If you don't want it all over the world don't post it on the internet.

To the anonymous poster @ June 12, 2010 7:02 PM

KUDOS to you - People with a conscience and morals will see throught the whining of poor me Jette likes to tell us about.

Anonymous said...

To June 12, 2010 5:30 PM

How can you say that "I am not ignorant or stupid! I am quite intellegent and I do live in reality" but think Officer Jette is getting blamed for things he hasn't done.

Come on now, do you really believe that? You must believe in the tooth fairy too.

It's obvious you're not from Winchester or you wouldn't try to protect him.

He's, lied, cheated, stole, falsified documents to name a couple of things, oh yeah don't forget about the pornography on the job - AND he got in trouble for it so it's in his file. That in itself is disgusting to have to hear about.

Enough already, fire him and start getting rid of the bad apples around here.

Connect the dots said...

To the June 12, 2010 5:30 PM poster. Good for you and big deal that you know Jette and his wife. Is that your confiemation that he is a good cop? You can know someone for a long time and never really know them. In Jette's case, these issues are real. Ask KPD why they did not hire him. Ask New Ipswich why they booted him before they put him on the polygraph. In fact Jette himself said thet Lt Carpenter called him an integrity issue. Never underestimate those in the know. You can rest assured there are credible individuals who can prove and confirm his wrong doing(s).It will be interesting to see your point of view when the taser video is revealed. How will you defend Jette then? Do you really think Jette is going to tell you what he has done, or for that matter has he been truthful with his wife? Do you think Jette's racial conmment and sexist comment he posted on Facebook, on duty and on the tax payers dime were professional and appropriate especially for a supervisor. If he didn't do anything wrong then why didn't he indicate on his patrol log what he was doing. Oh by the way, according to Jette's log he was training the new female officer when he did some of these posts. What a fine example to be setting for a trainee. Where was she when he was supposedly training her? As far as your comment goes about the lynch mob, give it up. Jette created this stink and he must be held accountable for his actions. If he was smart he would jump ship and hold on to his pathetic part-time job in Richmond before the chief and selectmen see the documentation and taser video. As for Todd Kilansk, ask him why he and Elisha divorced?

Anonymous said...

Can’t people figure out that everything that has been said is true? Don’t they know that just because someone lets them off the hook that with persistence the crimes will get uncovered by others? Didn't your mama ever tell you don't lie and you don't have to worry about being caught in one? Don't do something wrong because sooner or later it cathes up to you? Didn't she tell you sooner than later the right people get the information and expose it?
Didn't she tell you if you get caught you have to suffer the consequences of your actions? If not I guess you didn't have a very good mama and that's why you think the way you do.That's why things spin in circles in Winchester, too many people have the same mama.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous June 12, 2010 5:30 PM

It's stealing when someone has copies of something out in public? Really? Where did you read that? Some law book or on the internet? Maybe you can make a copy and share it with the rest of us who are baffled by the logic. What do you call taking a bike for your kid from a secure impound lot used solely for the purpose of keeping evidence safe or office supplies from the place where you work? How about when you steal time by writing for hours on end on the facebook page out in public? I'd really like to know what you call that since you seem to have all the answers.

Nate Jette doesn't seem to call it stealing, what do you call it? You need to move away, we don't need people who think like you in this town, working or living.