Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cop Watch: Police Corrpution in Winchester NH

Corruption in the NH Winchester Police Dept is running rampant and has gone on with the approval and blessings of far too many people who are now a big part of the problem.

Members of the "BIG PART OF THE PROBLEM Party" include the following impressive list of people:

*****The Selectmen of the Town of Winchester (who have condoned the blatant disregard for citizens rights under the US and NH Constitutions by willfully allowing members of the WPD to violate citizens civil rights while some members of the WPD even openly engage in participation of criminal activity.)

******Sherman Tedford
******Ken Gardner
******Roberta Fraser
******Gus Ruth
******Theresa Sepe – newly elected and as yet not tested

High ranking members of the WPD (those with the capability to cover-up wrongdoing and protect each other's wrongdoing):

Gary A Phillips – Chief of Police
Christopher K Roberts – Lieutenant
Nate Jette – Sergeant


Anonymous said...

Yeah and it's beginning to come unglued.

Anonymous said...

When will the documents start getting posted?

Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...

We are working as quickly as possible to get the info out to all.

Some of the doucments were already posted at the

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

We need some watchdog over this group - they need to be investigated.

Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...

Welcome to this new blog and feel free to leave your comments.


High Ranking??? Come on!!! WPD is only seven full time and six part-time. Give it a rest...there is no rank except the "rank smell" from within the PD.

On another note, I'll bet Phillips looks cute in his police shorts, shirt and ATV helmet riding his shiny new police ATV. Gary, aren't you a little old to be riding aroung on a four wheeler? Maybe you need a hovearound with a little blue light and sirene.

Can you say I've fallen and I can't get up.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry folks. The taser probe was successfully removed from the victim's chest. The probe removal procedure was recorded for evidentiary and litigation purposes. Stay tuned for further information.

Now let’s all play a guessing game. Who do you think the officer was who forgot to remove the taser probe?

A L.E.O.'s perspective said...

Hello folks.

All the blogs are wonderful and it is a testament to all of you who seek justice and fairness from your local police department. Stay the course and hold your select people accountable and demand they remove Jette from the department.
Hand deliver to them this information so your they cannot say they do not read the blogs in an effort to justify their ignorance of the situation. Bob Gray is aware of what is going on. Therefore, THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!!!!

Anonymous said...

Folks, you don't understand. The selectmen don't run this town, the employees do, with the collaboration of a few selectmen. Been that way for years and not likely to change anytime soon.

When was the last time you heard of the selectmen enforcing ANY personnel policy that didn't directly BENEFIT an employee?

What can you expect when the SEC was doing the same thing instead of enforcing Wall Street regulations? How many of them have been named and charged?

How about the federal administrators (MMS) overseeing the oil companies (MMS) who reportedly were partying, doing drugs and sleeping with the people they were supposed to be regulating? How many of them have been named and charged?

And you think anyone in this podunk town is going to do anything about a few employees running there own shows here?

Rotsa ruck!

ITS TIME said...

All i can say is if someone like WMUR gets a hold of this the channel 9 truck will be parked at the town hall and i would not want to be a selectmen. Does the state have a team that could come in and sort this mess out?

posted by Watch Dog said...

Corruption in the police, Hell it's from the selectmen down.

I copies and pasted this from

Beaver Dam Gus Ruth “the friend of the beaver” that cost the tax payers $60,000 to repair 2 town roads that washed out when the Ruth’s dam broke on his property. Then the Ruth’s and the selectmen tried to hid the truth from the tax payers. Should he be made to pay the town back? Is their a statue of limitation on fraud from the selectmen office who covered it up? Maybe the state's attorney can look into this also, while they investigate the accusations of a fraudulent March 9 election that gave the opposition a disadvantage that could have serious consequences, not only the seriousness of the accusations and the penalties engaging in such actions but their attempts at organized racketeering against the people of Winchester and their rights to have a fair and honest election. The clique running the town will squash any attempt to replace them power

Sickening said...

I guess some can now make themselves look good and make it seem like they are better than the others, but they aren't because they never said anything even though they all knew it was going on.

Especially Phillips and Roberts. What did they do to stop the insanity?

Cover it up - that's what they did. To make themselves look good they covered it up and lied to everyone who questioned them.

The bank fraud with the association shows just how much they will lie to get what they want.

Shame on all of them, there's not a one who is a real cop.