Monday, June 21, 2010

Who's Protecting Nate Jette and Why???

How sad is it that the taxpayers have to continue to endure the slap in the face mentality of the Winchester Police Department? And if that is not the intention please let us hear from those of you who work there.

How sad is it that the Selectmen continue to support and condone bad behavior by this department.

Worse yet we have the luxary of having a retired Police Lt. and an Ex Police Lt. of the Winchester Police Department sitting on the current board of selectmen and they too do nothing.

How sad is it the best the Selectmen can do for us is to put up with this nonsense and vow to keep what they've got, as far as personnel, because there is nobody else who would want to be part of  the Winchester Police Department?

We have again been subjected to Nate Jette sharing with the world his lack of any shred of loyalty to the taxpayers who employ him and pay his salary and benefits by openly and proudly telling all the world that he has his music playing in the background as he is "Writting" reports.

Not a typo - Jette does 'Writting" while most of the rest of us do our writing.

He must have been distracted when he wrote that.

Taking a break less than a half hour after starting his shift. Must not have been any work to do.

Then like an addict who knows no boundaries, he provides us with his take on what role women should have in the world, sharing his sexist, racist comments about how the world was better off when ........women did all the work.

This hours after his 'Writting".

A sexist comment that only one person responded to, a woman, and her response was Ouch!

This is a perfect example of why he should never have been promoted to supervise and instead should have been being supervised.

All this during his May 14th shift.

Several days before that entry, just 5 minutes after his shift starts he's on Facebook, counting down the hours til he's done.........?

He doesn't give reason to feel comfort or dedication to this town and the more proof there is more protection that Nate Jette seems to be recieving than he should be getting.   

What's up with that?



Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...


Not Wondering Anymore said...

It's simple.The people working for this town just feel entitlement and don't care at all about anything but themselves.Jette is not a cop. He is someone who thinks he is.

Jette is a wanna be cop and he shows that with this facebook.

Thanks for the truth, we often wondered what really went on there. We heard the rumors, now we have the truth.

Anonymous said...

When a person becomes a police officer, you pray that their intention is to make their community better. To be above the law and to lead by example.

Unfortunately, we know that there are those that become officers so that they can play with guns legally and could careless about the laws. Thats who we appear to have hired here in this town. The unlawful! It does not bode well or help me sleep at night.

When you call on the police department, you expect respect of privacy and integrity. Instead you get a nosey dispatch secretary and officers that aren't willing to follow through on complaints. It does not give you the warm fussys.

When you have the ability to put people in "leadership" that can't be held accountable to a higher standard or who don't expect it from their employees then you have utter chaos.

I know that everyone has seen this or experienced it in this town. But until we as A PEOPLE are willing to come together and publicly confront our leaders - to hold them accountable nothing will ever get accomplished. They get away with compliancy, because no one speaks out. You sit at home and avoid the truth.

We are raising our children to expect mediocrity and honesty is not always the best policy.

Yes, police officers are human and experience life like everyone else - but they also take an oath to unhold the laws of this land. They should be listening the their conscience and not following the crowd (or for some...the thingy in their pants). If their conscience is telling them to do wrong and to allow their neighbors to do wrong, then we have a bunch of sociopaths running this town.

I for one don't sleep well at night because of it!

Danny Black Video said...

Will we get to see the documents that the selectmen were presented with at Wedesdays Selectboard meeting?

The Winchester Informer said the selectmen refused to accecpt anything from Brian Moser.

Do they really think that makes it go away?

We would like to see thhe complaint, the report from the hospital and the video.

Now that this is public information I would think we the people of Winchester could now stop speculating about this and see for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

So where is the video everyone keeps talking about?

Administrator said...

Check the Winchester Informer, Mr.Black's Pathology Report & complaint he filed against Jette has been posted. Not to worry folks, this information & video will be posted to this site very soon.

Administrator said...
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Anonymous said...

I have found the Winchester Police Department, and many of the town Selectmen are nothing more than egotistical idiots that are doing their best to turn the town into a dictatorship. I think that a call to a Federal Marshall might be the only way to break the grip of these idiots.

Question for the police said...

I have a question for you. Would it be illegal for someone who has pled guilty to Criminal Threatening charges to volunteer at the ELMCC?

If so, is it also illegal for them to sit on the Board of Directors?