Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Double Standard? Abuse of Power? Phillips Releases Internal Investigation - Says it was a Frivolous Complaint, Tells AG's He wanted to set Example to Those That Make Frivolous Complaints By Releasing the Internal Investigation to the Public To Show How Stupid They Are

Phillips reports a theft of a document from his office to the Sheriff's Dept.

Says he is afraid confidential information, confidential police business and the release of an officers internal investigation (Roberts) is floating around town.
3 months earleir, Phillips releases a Confidential Internal Ivestigation to the Public.

Most absurd thing of all.

Phillips gets interviewed by Inspector Tracy of the AG’s office, right around the time Reppucci gets fired and he tells him he released an internal investigation to Brian Jordan but that he normally doesn’t do that, but this complaint was frivolous and besides Phillips thinks the officers new about it.

What kind of Hostile Work Environment Did Phillips create for his officers?  

First, who is the Chief to decide to make a pubic comment about whether a citizens complaint is frivolous or not?

Maybe it is a frivolous complaint but do you, as Chief of Police, publically call a complaint from a citizen you think is unimportant, frivolous? Maybe to the person making it, it’s not.

Did that not occur to him?

Is that why complaints are never answered by this Chief? Does he believe that everyone’s complaints are frivolous because he doesn’t share the same opinion?

Second, what police officer would allow their Chief to use them for the purpose of making an example of what is or isn’t a frivolous complaint? What police officer or any employee anywhere would be OK with the following document being released by their boss for any purpose?

It’s a confidential document. It’s an internal investigation. It’s got questions and answers in it.

This guy is not Chief Material by any stretch. Any Chief who would try to use their employee by publically releasing an internal investigation instead of dealing with the person making the complaint in a proper and civilized manner deserves what he gets.

Reppucci got fired because of testimony of people who have proved themselves to be unethical and have been shown to have lied and it was on their word and not evidence that he was terminated.

And for of all things - releasing a confidential document - yet Phillips apparently used his employees to make an example of what he believed a frivolous complaint by a member of the public and that is not how a Supervisor should treat their Subordinate Officers.

Set Up? Did Phillips SET Reppucci Up? It's the only thing that makes sense.

AG's Report page RTK000032 - Information about Nate Jette and Chris Roberts was blacked out by the AG's Office for some reason. Please feel free to use your imagination to substitute names where you see blackened strips. 

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Anonymous said...

ive lived in this town almost my whole life i know what goes on and how bad these cops are theres alot even peolpe on this site dont know its been going on for years i say we need a whole new police force