Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Keene Sentinel Article


Anonymous said...

Whatever ever happened with the taser incident invovling Jette? Does anyone know if there's a lawsuit or is anyone any been filed?

Anonymous said...

which one?

Anonymous said...

It's sickening how this board of selectmen continues to waste our hard earned money defending that A$$ of a chief and his A$$ of a partner in crime. Not being there, but, seeing what has turned out to be nothing but garbage coming from those who supposedly are protecting us and our property is pretty darn scary.

He reported a crime about a letter being maybe stolen and he calls in the county Sheriff?

What is he still in the academy?Incompetant?,lazy or trying to hide something?

More worried about his reputation than anything else?

Too bad. Do a good job and you don't have to worry.

Do sneaky things that are underhanded or illegal and you do.

What about all the drugs and other crimes in Town?

If you did half the job you should be doing we'd be better off.

If you would have kept the good officers instead of running them out of town we'd of better off too!

The day will come and maybe some don't see or and maybe the just don't care but for those that do, we are all hoping that we get to hear the whole story behind why Reppucci was fired.

Sooner or later you get caught. It sounds an awful lot like Reppucci has something to say and he's gonna make sure it gets heard.

The stories don't add up and Phillips, your story is STUPID.