Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Nate Jette has no shame in conversing for an hour on our time.

Is this one of the many days he put in for overtime?

Nate Jette not only has stolen supplies (by his own admittance) from us, he steals time and then steals it again by getting overtime because he can't get his work done.


Not so Confusing... said...

Geez Louise, Do any of you really believe that Phillips would have been the one monitoring anyone working at that PD?

Come on now, Phillips is on the internet day in and day out. All he does is spend his time monitoring his bank accounts, his investments and his gas wells…….

Except when………….

When he’s not doing any of the above and instead he’s downloading pictures off the internet, emailing his family and texting his girlfriends on his town issued, town owned, for WPD town use only cell phone.

Got Your Number Now Nate said...

What a piece of SHIT Nate Jette is - You gotta love those preachy ones – you know my family is all so important, my beliefs are so important, it’s so important this and so important that and then you find out they really don’t give a shit about their family.

You know people like Nate Jette don’t mean anything they say and you know they don’t give a shit because a normal person wouldn’t never put their family in such a bad position, embarrassing them like this, possibly taking away the roof over their head. What a piece of shit.

Lose your job because you’ve crossed over the line and didn’t follow the law and the ones who get hurt are your victims, including your own family that mean so much to you.

Anonymous said...

One thing Phillips is fond of is banks:

We know all to well that the banking fraud he and Roberts committed, that would be the investigation by the AG’s office that said “Based upon review of the allegations ….Attorney General Charitable Trust Unit has concluded …..Gary A Phillips, Christopher Roberts and Maryan Platz, did not follow the bylaws ….in changing the authorized names on the Association’s bank account….Folks that means the paperwork they brought to the bank was falsely represented. That means they circumvented the laws and that means there is no two ways about it – anybody else it would have been a criminal trial. Luck for them they know people in high places.

Anonymous said...

Nate Jette is trying to fool people by removing himself as a friend on certain people’s facebook pages.

Nate all you’re doing is tampering with the evidence. Oh that’s right you’ve already been accused of that and got away with it. You probably think that you’ll get away with it this time too.

I doubt it though. Maybe now the other tampering with evidence accusations against you will be revisited.

Who knows maybe the FBI will be interested in little old Winchester NH and their police department. Who knows.

One thing you can be sure of and that is that there are dozens of copies of your facebook friends and entries and comments already out there.

You had everything wide open for the world to see.

Surely you didn’t think you had that many friends did you?

This should never have gotten this far.

It Just Ain't Right said...

Just as an update.

Last night the selectmen were given copies of a few of Nate Jette's entries on Facebook as well as some of the complaints circulating on Craigslist in the Rants and Raves section.

This cop has a history. He has been one of the Winchester cops that have been the focus of negative and questionable integrity.

He has broken the law numerous times and that was of his own accord, while in his uniform at that.

He has complained publicly, in writing on his Facebook, about his employer, us the people of Winchester.

He has made public racial slurs regarding Mexicans and Hispanics on his Facebook page. Don’t we employ a Hispanic officer? Does that not undermine what the police department is supposed to stand for?

He has made public on his Facebook page derogatory statements about how it is better when women do all the work.

The list goes on.

He had previously been caught going onto pornography sites.

The bottom line is that all of this was done on the taxpayer’s dime.

All of this was done on the taxpayer’s time.

He wasn’t doing his job.

He wasn’t out patrolling our streets.

This isn’t some isolated incident, he did this as part of his routine during his shift.

No different than taking a break for dinner, he also took breaks to go online.

He wasn’t only on facebook.

He was visiting other sites as well.

The proof of that is the links he gave on his Facebook page to access those sites.

He had to go there in order to tell the rest of the world where he had been.

Again this is all done on taxpayer time and with our hard earned money.

Another disturbing fact is that if he is responsible at least in part for training the new female officer or any officer for that matter, what kind of example is he setting and how does he come across when he is doing that?

And now there is the possibility through rumor that he has hurt somebody. Is this going to be another lawsuit?

The selectmen have a hard decision to make, but the obvious conclusion to anyone who truly has the interest of the people in this town, in the forefront, is to remove Nate Jette from the police department.

At the very least, he is not supervisory material and needs to be demoted and he needs to responsible only for himself.

Anonymous said...

Nate Jette didn't fool anybody. He was told to take his Facebook down.

Anonymous said...

Jette had been given enough warnings, they have covered up his misactions and misdeeds long enough. An investigation should be opened up as to why and who allowed this to go on in the first place.I've seen the postings on craigslist like many others and it is not right for anymore of this. This officer brought all this on himself. This is not a case of getting in the middle of something. He did it on his own, he made his mind up to steal from us taxpayers. He's done it before and he will keep doing it because he is not an honest person he is a dishonest person and a dishonest cop at that and he obviously doesn't think laws apply to him. It’s time to stop protecting him. If it were my job and I got caught on porn sites or facebook every day while I was working it would be over right then and there. The internet at work is not for personal use. The internet at work is just another tool to do work.

Don’t insult the taxpayers anymore.

Anonymous said...

In this post ALONE Jette screwed around on our time for an hour.

Hey, selectmen!

Don't you guys have some sort of control over this type of shit going on?

You turn your back when you don't want to deal with something but this is crazy. You have proof right under your noses.

Jette is wasting my tax money, my neighbors tax money and everyone else’s tax money.

You don’t have a right to squander our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His supervisors are letting him do these things with open arms? You know your chief Phillips and the second in command Lt Roberts. Then they want to hire more officers? Why so they can all goof off and do nothing and collect the paycheck and have the benefits?

How do we know Jette will even know enough to get out from behind his computer and be paying enough attention to go to a call?

If Jette is on his computer screwing around will he blow off my call because he's too busy doing something else that isn’t work related?

It seems he ought to be reading the book about being a police officer, The one that says the police are supposed to uphold the law not break it.

Stealing my hard earned taxpayer money is no different than stealing my TV.