Friday, June 18, 2010

For Those Who Continue to Defend Officer Jette

For those of you that think that Officer Jette is being picked on, singled out, or used as a scapegoat here is a letter of complaint made against him by a citizen of Fitzwilliam.

This is public information under the RTK laws and can be requested from Chief Kassotis of the Fitzwilliam Police Department.

You decide whether this was a false complaint made against an officer or not.

Were the Town's of Richmond and Winchester made aware of this complaint? If so when? This complaint was written more than a year ago at the end of April 2009.

If they weren't they are being made aware now and will hopefully do a full investigation to get to the bottom of it.

If they did investigate this, what was done?

Are there any witnesses who have information?

The type of behavior alleged in the complaint is the same type of behavior that keeps coming up with Officer Jette.

He keeps getting accused of targeting people and of violating their rights.

According to the letter Officer Jette - who was not an on duty police officer at the time, not in uniform, not in a police vehicle but his own personal truck - followed this person to their home in a town he Neither Works in or Lives in. He had NO jurisdiction.

What was his business to do this?

Why not call the police department or dispatch? Wouldn't that have been the appropriate thing to do?

It seems Officer Jette wanted to take the law into his own hands.


Shocked said...

In a word…WOW!!!
It appears that Officer Jette has a serious ego disorder.
If he was following this woman in his personal truck wasn’t he speeding also? Didn’t he realize the danger he was putting himself and the other woman in by chasing her in a non-police vehicle? What would have been the outcome if she crashed and was seriously injured? Shouldn’t he be subject to a speeding ticket and serious discipline? Why would he threaten her by saying he would see her the next day at work? If he knew her why didn’t he mail her a ticket instead of going to her work causing her stress and embarrassment? Does WPD know what he did and if so, what did they do, if anything at all? What did Richmond PD do?
This officer apparently lacks control in his personal life. Maybe he is the submissive one at home and needs to compensate by scaring and threatening other women. Haw many badges does this officer need to feel adequate or authorative? This officer needs to thank his lucky stars that he was not shot by this woman out of fear she was being attacked by a deranged person or police impersonator.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is it OK for a police officer to go speeding after someone when they aren't in a uniform and they aren't driving a police vehicle? Hell this guy wasn't even in the right town. Is that legal?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was speeding to get away from the truck that was following her?

Perplexed said...

To Anonymous:June 18, 2010 9:49 PM
From the Posting from Craigslist Blog

1.)Unless you're in someone's bedroom don't bother trying to figure out someone's relationship, married or otherwise.Worry about your own.
2.)It's none of your business anyway.
3.)Don't foolishly believe there aren't people out there who are afraid of the police.
4.) There was a Chief of Police in the town of Winchester that was rumored to do the exact same thing when dealing with females while on duty, in the official capacity as the Chief.
5.)Don't foolishly believe that there aren't police officers that don't do things immoral and illegal – it’s called corruption – no matter what avenue it takes.
6.)Don’t foolishly believe that there aren’t police officers that target and go after people, singling them out to fulfill their own perverse personal needs.
7.)There have been numerous rumblings throughout the town for many years that put Officer Nate Jette and some other female names into sentences that also contain words like sex and even the word that is blacked out in the post.
8.)That’s been going on long before this Craigslist post.
9.)This is an example of the very reason why police officers need to be above aboard, honest, open and integrity filled through and through.
10.)People don’t have too much to say then – the only thing they can really say is must be a Good Cop. Must not be a bad cop.
11.) If Officer Nate Jette, if he is still that, had protected his name and protected his image, he wouldn’t have negative comments associated with it.
12.)Someone should have told him the company you keep is a reflection of who you are as a person- Chief Phillips, Lt. Roberts, Rafael Rivera, Travis Vaudrien and the list goes on are not necessarily squeaky clean company.
13.)All have had major controversy surrounding them for very ,very negative behavior, ideas and actions.
14.)Of all the cops in Cheshire County you never hear this stuff about them, just the three in Winchester and over and over and with truth supporting the accusations.
15.)It’s always Phillips, Roberts, Jette.

You obviously, ignored, overlooked or chose not read the posts above this one. Had you read them you may not have defended this officer to such a great degree.

If you read the signed, not anonymous complaint letter, you will see he has been named in it. You will also see that not only is he named it, he did a couple of illegal things, as well as a couple of questionably things. The conclusion is simply that he’s not capable of following the rules or the laws.

This is the kind of police officer you want around? Is the kind of police officer neighboring towns want around? He’s a danger and threat to the community by his actions.

So before you chose to defend him, which is fine, he does need a few supporters and friends, just make sure you have all the facts, lest you will feel embarrassed when the truth comes out that you have defended someone who wasn’t worth the effort.

No magnifying glasses said...

Unable to read the letter due to the small size. Could you please type it up?

Anonymous said...

Oh to the power of the internet to keep people informed.

Anonymous said...

To No magnifying glasses said...

Click or double click on picture it will pop up in a different window, if you still need it bigger, click or double click one more time.

Anonymous said...

In regards to the woman who was followed by, and ultimately stopped by Nate Jette. She should consider pursuing legal advice or consult the County Attorney regarding Nate Jette’s actions and have this him removed from law enforcement so he cannot do this to anyone else. Here are several points to consider.

1. How egregious was this incident that warranted an off duty police officer to follow you for several miles?

2.Where did or what jurisdiction the offense happen?

3.If the offense happened in Winchester, the offender should have been stopped in Winchester providing the officer had jurisdiction.

4.If the offense happened in Richmond, the offender should have been stopped in Richmond providing the officer had jurisdiction.

5.What means(if any) of communication did the officer have in the event there was an emergency or confrontation? This is a serious Cardinal Sin of law enforcement.

6.What means of speed detection did the officer have and since it was his own vehicle and was his vehicle an authorized police vehicle and was his speed odometer calibrated?

7.If the offense was so outrageous that warranted the officer to follow you for such a great distance why didn’t he contact Fitzwilliam PD and have you arrested?

8.The moment the officer was out of his jurisdiction he was not authorized under any law or jurisdiction to stop you or confront you as he was legally out of his jurisdiction and therefore an ordinary citizen like you or I rendering him powerless in this instance to confront you or take any sort of action as he did.

9.In reality, this officer was in pursuit of a traffic violator for an offense that did not rise to the level offense that would have warranted a police officer in a marked police car and in uniform to pursue unless there were serious extenuating circumstances.

10.In your situation, this officer violated tour 4th Amendment Right by unlawfully detaining you as he used his badge from a jurisdiction that did not apply in Fitzwilliam, therefore false imprisonment, intimidation and abuse of authority/power apply.

11.Since this offense was not an emergency,this officer’s action did not fall within the prevue of a mutual aid agreement. Hence, Officer Jette’s actions were not protected or justified under any portion of a mutual aid agreement. Even if there was a mutual aid agreement,a violation such as this that happened in Winchester would not justify a stop in Fitzwilliam.

12.The actions of this officer are unacceptable for the level of experience he has as there are certainly many other traffic violators he can contend with within his jurisdiction during his regular shifts let alone stopping anyone while in “plain clothes” out of his jurisdiction.

13.The officer’s comments and demeanor beg to question his temperament,level of anger management skills and psychological stability.

14.Chief Phillips and Chief Wood need to address this matter since the first offense happened in Winchester and the second offense in Richmond.

15.The officer safety issues are many and this officer should have been seriously reprimanded or disciplined and made a permanent record in his personnel file.

16.The action of this officer are felonious in nature and have a statute of limitation of 6 years and should be brought to the attention of the FBI who investigate civil right complaints and civil rights violations.

No matter where we live,we have a duty to purge corrupt,unethical, untruthful,deceptive and devious police officers,public officials and workers from public service.

Just food for thought.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous. 1:38.

What you present sounds very fair. You sound like a copy with integrity. Much gratitude.

Anonymous said...




Section 104:28-a


104:28-a False Personation. – Any person who knowingly and falsely assumes or exercises the functions, powers, duties, or privileges incident to the office of sheriff, deputy sheriff, state police officer, police officer of any city or town, or any other law enforcement officer or investigator employed by any state, country or political subdivision of a state or country, or who wears or displays without authority any uniform, badge, or other identification by which such sheriff, officer, or investigator is lawfully identified, and with the intent to be recognized as such, shall be guilty of a class B felony.
Source. RS 217:17. CS 231:17. GS 259:17. GL 277:18. PS 280:18. PL 394:18. RL 457:21. RSA 587:22. 1973, 532:23. 1981, 394:1. 1987, 214:1, eff. Jan. 1, 1988. 2008, 225:1, eff. Jan. 1, 2009.

Did she commit a felony in his presence? If not he had no authority to approach her in any capacity, he had no more authority than any other citizen when he did this.

He committed a Class B felony as the other poster stated, when he “IMPERSONATED” a police officer while out of his jurisdiction.

Yes, Jette does not think like a good police officer. He takes the law into his own hands, continues to get away with it because nobody cares to stop him and will sooner than later be the topic of a headline in one of our newspapers or on tv.

If Nate Jette wanted to tell this person they were speeding, if he felt so compelled to so do, he needn’t have tried to bully her with his badge.

In fact he tried to fluff over that he had “NO AUTHORITY”, which he knowingly knew he had none, because he couldn’t write her a ticket at that time and instead said he would see her at her place of business.

Nate Jette is a 250+lb, 6 ft + bully who needs to be off the streets as a cop.

Anonymous said...

To: June 20, 2010 10:19 AM post.
Excellent analogy! To help you with Jette’s physical statistics, he is 6’ 6” tall and weighs nearly 300 lbs.

Keep the following in mind:

1.Jette was shopping with his son at Sears during the 2009 holiday season and confronted Corey Carpenter who was working at Sears in Keene about his license status.

2.Jette follows a woman from Winchester,through Richmond and confronts her near residence in Fitzwilliam.

3.Jette confronts Brian Jordan and his elderly mother at the Richmond Store accusing Brian of something he did not do.

Is there a pattern here? Jette clearly has aggression issues and the longer he is allowed to act as a police officer more acts of aggression will happen.

More information please said...

To those interested. Please share any instancse where Nate Jette has has had a questionable confrontation or confrontations with you or some one you know. Please be honest and do not speculate,or make false accusations.

Anonymous said...

Because they have been allowed to float so high above everyone else, when they fall it will be hard.

When they do it will be heard.