Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Posting from Craigslist

This was found on Craigslist in the Personals section under Rants and Raves. According to the date it has been posted there since May 30th. Don't know if there is truth to this or not but thought in the event it is and that there are other's with knowledge of this sort of thing happening that it should be passed along. In an effort to not offend anyone this has been edited but if you use your imagination most will figure it out.


Anonymous said...

Yup - it is still there on Craigslist

Anonymous said...

Please, You are taking someone's word off of Craigslist! What is this world coming to. And if she was pulled over so many times and asked for something like that, Wouldn't she file a complaint!! So, take it all with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one should see the front page of the "sentinel" 6/17. Teachers have lost their jobs if they do not follow the rules. I think that it is time for the selectpeople to get their heads out of dark spaces.

Concerned Citizens of Winchester NH said...

To the Anonymous Poster that thinks the posting on Craigslist is true.

If you read the blog post it says that the truth about the Craigslist posting was unknown - this post had been brought to the attention of the blog, it was verified to be true and on Craigslist. In the event was it was true it’s a public duty to post it.

Connect the dots said...

To June 17, 2010 11:46 AM poster. Get with the program!!! Why in the world would this female file a complaint when she was the one asking for the sexual favor? This makes no sense at all!!!. This is an oxymoron. Read and comprehend the Craigs List posting!!! Jette was asking for the sexual favors not the female. If this is such an issue, Jette needs to pursue the person who posted this through the ID number on the posting and take the appropriate action(s). If the person who posted did this out of malice and untruthfulness shame on them and they should suffer the consequences. On the other hand, if the poster is identified and is able to confirm what was posted as truthful, Jette could be in a "world of shit". This is Jette's call.

Anonymous said...

Must either be true or must be someone doesn’t like him real bad. Kind of an odd thing though for someone to just make up for no reason.

Anonymous said...

your kidding right? first of all what husband in his right mind would allow this? then again maybe he's not in his right mind, but come on most couples that really care about each other would not allow this to happen. sounds like some one has way to much time on there hands!! and this is all they could come up with to Screw officer Jette to the wall with pretty poor if you ask me..

Perplexed said...

To Anonymous:June 18, 2010 9:49 PM
From the Posting from Craigslist Blog

1.)Unless you're in someone's bedroom don't bother trying to figure out someone's relationship, married or otherwise.Worry about your own.
2.)It's none of your business anyway.
3.)Don't foolishly believe there aren't people out there who are afraid of the police.
4.) There was a Chief of Police in the town of Winchester that was rumored to do the exact same thing when dealing with females while on duty, in the official capacity as the Chief.
5.)Don't foolishly believe that there aren't police officers that don't do things immoral and illegal – it’s called corruption – no matter what avenue it takes.
6.)Don’t foolishly believe that there aren’t police officers that target and go after people, singling them out to fulfill their own perverse personal needs.
7.)There have been numerous rumblings throughout the town for many years that put Officer Nate Jette and some other female names into sentences that also contain words like sex and even the word that is blacked out in the post.
8.)That’s been going on long before this Craigslist post.
9.)This is an example of the very reason why police officers need to be above aboard, honest, open and integrity filled through and through.
10.)People don’t have too much to say then – the only thing they can really say is must be a Good Cop. Must not be a bad cop.
11.) If Officer Nate Jette, if he is still that, had protected his name and protected his image, he wouldn’t have negative comments associated with it.
12.)Someone should have told him the company you keep is a reflection of who you are as a person- Chief Phillips, Lt. Roberts, Rafael Rivera, Travis Vaudrien and the list goes on are not necessarily squeaky clean company.
13.)All have had major controversy surrounding them for very ,very negative behavior, ideas and actions.
14.)Of all the cops in Cheshire County you never hear this stuff about them, just the three in Winchester and over and over and with truth supporting the accusations.
15.)It’s always Phillips, Roberts, Jette.

You obviously, ignored, overlooked or chose not read the posts above this one. Had you read them you may not have defended this officer to such a great degree.

If you read the signed, not anonymous complaint letter, you will see he has been named in it. You will also see that not only is he named it, he did a couple of illegal things, as well as a couple of questionably things. The conclusion is simply that he’s not capable of following the rules or the laws.

This is the kind of police officer you want around? Is the kind of police officer neighboring towns want around? He’s a danger and threat to the community by his actions.

So before you chose to defend him, which is fine, he does need a few supporters and friends, just make sure you have all the facts, lest you will feel embarrassed when the truth comes out that you have defended someone who wasn’t worth the effort.

Anonymous said...

Question - Why do Phillips and Roberts keep Jette?

Answer - if they get rid of him he'll expose their incompetence.