Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's the Real Deal With Nate Jette??

Please refer to the 3rd Jette Post Entry made on Monday @ 12:12 pm on May 3, 2010:

"8 hrs on my feet on the yellow line outside the Cheshire fair grounds was not the best
thing I could have done. Chewing Ibuprofin like skittles because my hip is gonna fall

Nate Jette was in an Off Duty Car Accident a few years ago and broke his hip. It seems now it's bothering him.

With ALL the EXTRA DETAILS that Jette has done wearing out his hip, who's to say that
he's not going to injure himself or somebody else because he can't move quick enough
or because he didn't take his medicine that day, whatever that medicine might be?

Who is going to be the one picking up the liability? Winchester? Richmond? Swanzey? Keene?

If he's not fit enough, by HIS own ADMISSION to do details without announcing to
the world that his hip is going to "fall off" because he's been on it too long, maybe the
Town ought to consider he not be allowed to do these details or work for that matter until
he's been thoroughly checked by a doctor of the Town's choosing and cleared fit for "ALL" duty.

Some clearance that he is able to stand for long periods of time, to ensure he isn't going
to be more of a liability to himself or worse yet somebody else, seems to be warranted to ensure all are protected.

The Town Father's have now been apprised of yet another instance of concern for the Town taxpayers and the public at large.

Standing for long periods of time is one of the many requirements to be deemed "Fit For Duty" for a police officer employed by the Town of Winchester. If there were a major accident on Route 10 for instance, during Nate Jette's shift, he may have to stand on his feet for hours directing traffic. He needs to be "fit" to do that in the event something like that becomes real.

If he were to get injured on the job because of his hip injury and the fact that he overworked his hip by doing all of these out of town details, who would have to pick up the worker's comp?

Do the Attorneys handling the settlement of the car accident know about all these problems he has while working the numerous additional hours every week?

It seems he hasn't lost his ability to earn extra money with all the extra details and overtime he works, yet he complains.

What's the real deal with Nate Jette?


not fooled said...

He's nothing more than a wanna be trying to impress young gullible women he meets with his macho talk and gestures and he should be dismissed from the force for not only promoting a bad image; but for disgracing the position he holds. If he was in such pain all day long, wouldn't he be looking to seek medical leave or making some claim he hurt himself on the job to collect benefits and not volunteering for detail work every week?

Anonymous said...

Jette is a scam, a complainer and a whiner.

He does nothing for this department, screws up his work, pawns off his job repsonsibilities and then gets protected when he does something wrong and protected even more when it's illegal.

It's all documented and the proof is in the PD.

Selectmen what are you gonna do? said...

Jette should be removed now, his bosses should be investigated for their lack of oversight and when it’s shown their inability to monitor and control their own is downright criminal they should be removed too!!!!! The continued sweeping under the carpet of the crimes being committed against the citizens needs to be looked at by the AG, if necessary AGAIN, and then if they refuse to do anything, all the evidence needs to be brought to the FBI before some innocent person gets killed because of the mentality in this town.


Anonymous said...

You can't deny this is from Jette's facebook page. The selectmen aren't the only ones with copies.

Anonymous said...

What are the town fathers and town folk and police department gonna say when they see the video of a taser probe being removed from Danny Black’s chest? Yes folks, it’s a real video, it does exist and it’s coming soon.

Even a blind man couldn’t mistake who it is and what it is and many people have already seen it so you can be assured this won’t get covered up, the rest will get looked at and what’s been already looked at will get looked at again.

Duh...... said...

If Nate Jette feels like he’s the scapegoat for all that’s wrong in Winchester why doesn’t he just tell the selectmen that he’s being blamed for things that he didn’t do and tell them who really did it?

Connect the dots said...

To the June 12, 2010 5:30 PM poster. Good for you and big deal that you know Jette and his wife. Is that your confiemation that he is a good cop? You can know someone for a long time and never really know them. In Jette's case, these issues are real. Ask KPD why they did not hire him. Ask New Ipswich why they booted him before they put him on the polygraph. In fact Jette himself said thet Lt Carpenter called him an integrity issue. Never underestimate those in the know. You can rest assured there are credible individuals who can prove and confirm his wrong doing(s).It will be interesting to see your point of view when the taser video is revealed. How will you defend Jette then? Do you really think Jette is going to tell you what he has done, or for that matter has he been truthful with his wife? Do you think Jette's racial conmment and sexist comment he posted on Facebook, on duty and on the tax payers dime were professional and appropriate especially for a supervisor. If he didn't do anything wrong then why didn't he indicate on his patrol log what he was doing. Oh by the way, according to Jette's log he was training the new female officer when he did some of these posts. What a fine example to be setting for a trainee. Where was she when he was supposedly training her? As far as your comment goes about the lynch mob, give it up. Jette created this stink and he must be held accountable for his actions. If he was smart he would jump ship and hold on to his pathetic part-time job in Richmond before the chief and selectmen see the documentation and taser video. As for Todd Kilansk, ask him why he and Elisha divorced?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Jette is trying to get his cheerleading squad out. If he was worried about the people in this town or his job he should have thought about us and his job before he but the screws to us.

If I ever need to call the police the last person I’ll let on my property is Jette. If my daughters or wife ever need a cop they won’t be talking to a cop that has been caught surfing the web and visiting porn sites while at work, like Jette has.

It’s an absolute disgrace that a cop would be visiting porn sites while on duty and still be working in any town.

Must be Phillips accepted low expectations of performance from the people who work in his department.

Anonymous said...

Roberts and Phillips set Jette up just to get rid of him. If that weren’t the case than Jette would have been disciplined for this stuff when it happened instead of waiting for other people to find out. This way it makes those two look good and then people aren’t the wiser. They are trying to cover their butts again.

Anonymous said...

The real deal is Jette's inability to follow the rules and then the town's liability when he doesn't.
Like an out of control kid a parent can't control. You all knew this was coming.It's been no secret. Thanks to all, hope you are happy now that you will cause more embarrassment to us and take away more of our hard earned money for no reason except you can't do your jobs. Thanks, thanks again.